Video Editing Service.

Our Professional Video Editing Service can be done sitting down, and we've got a lot of experience (in both editing and sitting down). First, you need a good comfortable chair. Then you need 10+ years of experience, about $10000+ of computer hardware and specialty software. The comfortable chair comes first. Anyway, whether it's refining raw footage into a compelling narrative or adding that final professional touch, our Editing Service has got you covered. Feel free to reach out for a chat, or dive into the details below (and then, let's talk).

Polishing raw footage into a shiny video gem is extremely satisfying.

Crafting Your Goals, Frame by Frame:

Professional Video Editing Services


No matter the type of content—interviews, product showcases, event highlights, or any other footage you've got—we're here to edit it into something that does what you need it to do. With our expertise in cutting, sequencing, color grading, sound mixing, and more, we ensure your message shines through and are adept at creating many narratives. We can spin a story 100 ways.

Whether it's assembling the perfect narrative, adding dynamic transitions, or crafting engaging visuals, our experience allows us to enhance your footage, ensuring you have a powerful asset for your project. We'll get clever with it for you with our video editing service.


The way we like to edit is to ask you what you need (tone, length, style, examples, whatever else you can tell us), get the footage, and then we make a first draft to show you. As for getting the footage, we can shoot it ourselves (no matter where you are in the world), arrange another company to shoot it, get it off you with any of the methods out there like online file sharing, a hard drive or just a USB stick, and then we edit it on our super-computers.

We generally know what you're looking for without too many questions, and we're always spot on with our first draft, only minor tweaks are ever needed. That's because we're pretty nerdy about understanding your requirements up front.

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How Does Our Professional Video Editing Service Work?

Want to know what to expect from the team turning your raw footage into lovely polished videos? Here’s how we do it, once you decide to work with us:


We Make A Requirements List...

We start by reviewing your footage if available (if not we can shoot it or get someone else to) and we'll discuss your goals, themes, and desired outcomes. Depending on your availability, we can be as in-depth as required or you can just leave it to us. We'll see what can be done within your budget and requirements, and give you an overview and quote.

Precision Editing From A Comfy Chair

Armed with a plan, we dive into your editing. We'll have a look at the footage available and what the best bits are. We figure out the right combination of message (usually interview or voiceover) and supplemental footage to make an engaging video. If you like, we'll check in with you and let you know progress, before you get your first draft. We offer two sets of changes, but only ever need one.

Your Final Delivery Ready to Use!

Upon completion, we deliver your polished video in the desired format, ensuring it's ready for any platform or purpose. We'll advise you on how and where to use it! And remember, all rights to the edited content are yours.

Our Showreel of Some Recent Awesome Shots

Our Showreel of Editing Wonders


There's a unique thrill in transforming raw footage into engaging, polished videos. It's rewarding to see the transformation and know we've played a part in telling your story effectively.

Our portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, each with its own challenges and triumphs. While we can't wait to share some stories over a cup of coffee, we're committed to creativity and quality, ensuring your video captures attention and communicates effectively.

Enhancing Your Message.

Our video editing service is all about enhancing the message you wish to convey. We focus on what the viewer is looking to see combined with your brand and how you want to come across, keeping up engagement and energy as well! You have to look professional but your content also needs to work for you.

We're adept at selecting the right clips, angles, and moments that best tell your story, reinforcing your message with every edit.


Injecting Creativity.

A key to captivating videos is creativity in editing. Not just visual creativity but creative messaging as well. Marketing needs to bridge the trust gap while being engaging so your message can slip in and excite the viewer about what you can do for them.

Our goal is to ensure your video not only conveys your message but does so in a way that's memorable and engaging.

Some Video Editing Service Ideas For You...

Lead Generation Videos

We can turn a large, wieldy story into many bite size snippets that you can post regularly to keep up your audience's engagement.  Each snippet can focus on a different shade of your story. Let us turn long videos into compelling stories that work, resonate with your audience and drive action.

Corporate Training & Presentations

Transform educational content into engaging, easily digestible videos. Visual aids like text, highlights, and arrows help communicate points, pausing the action and letting information sink in. From training modules to corporate presentations, our editing can enhance learning and communication across your organization.

Event Highlights & Recaps

Capture the essence of your events with energetic highlights, music that suits, and animated titles. Whether it's a conference, product launch, or corporate celebration, we'll craft videos that suck the viewer in with the best moments, atmosphere and vibe, good times and what was on offer.

Personal Projects & Documentaries

Bring your personal stories to life with our editing expertise. From documentaries to dramatic scenes, birthday presentations, life stories and family videos, we ensure your video is going to hit the target. We can even shoot it for you!


We'll Edit It With Style!

At Top Draft Media, we're passionate about helping you transform your raw footage into polished, impactful videos. We believe in the power of editing to make engaging content that keeps people watching, draws them in, and bridges the trust gap so you can achieve your communication goals.

And while we're serious about our craft, we still find ways to bring a bit of fun into the process. You never know what we can spin your footage and interviews into until you show us and ask us - and we can get VERY creative. Downright cheeky, how creative we can get.

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