Video Cutdowns

At Top Draft Media we love Video Cutdowns! That means taking a long video and turning it into small ones – because you need big and small in your marketing systems. The small hooks in the viewer and the larger backs that one up once they’re hooked.

We have a way of planning out shoots and videos for our clients called ‘Modular Content’, so we shoot everything to be able to be sectioned up into lots of little pieces and rearranged. We get alternate takes and b-sides of everything so you can get maximum out of the shoots we do for you and turn what would make one video into lots! But back to Video Cutdowns.

WITH VIDEO CUTDOWNS, YOU CAN TURN ONE VIDEO INTO TEN VIDEOS! Well, not every time. But you get the idea – an expert eye across your content can spin it out into many smaller videos that cast a wider net over your audience.

Why We Think Video Cut Downs Rock:

  • Fill Up Your Content Plate: Got gaps in your posting schedule? These cut downs are the perfect side dishes to your main content feast. We do a lot of video food analogies.
  • Reach & Engagement Go Up: Instead of one message floating out there on the marketing sea, we’ll send a fleet of messages-in-bottles – more bottles, more chances of being found! We do a lot of water analogies too.
  • Stronger Message in Less Time: Perfect for the busy bees and the goldfish attention spans (which is everyone). Your upfront messages need to hit hard and fast – and at every point we give the audience the chance to ENQUIRE NOW or to press on for more information. This is called a sales funnel!
  • Save Your Dough: Instead of baking a new cake every time, we’re making the most of what you’ve already got. Cost-effective and clever! We do a lot of cake analogies.

🚀 Think It’s Time for a Video Snack Attack?

Drop us a line! We’re ready to slice, dice, and serve up your content in bite-size pieces that pack a punch. If you want turn your video pie into a multi-slice feast extravaganza, Top Draft Media are the video chefs you need to engage!

For more information you can check out our page on video cut downs at