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A key offering in our suite of video services are Video Cut Downs, which transform your existing video content into digestible, shareable clips. Basically we 'cut things down' and make them work as smaller independent pieces - which could be the missing part of your video offering! When we shoot, we get alternate takes just to do this! Let's get into it.


Turn a big juicy video into heaps of little lead-generating hooks, with a bit of cut-down magic!


Your Video Cut Downs...

..are about filling in your utility gaps and getting more out of what you already have. With an ocean of content out there on the marketplace, you have a nice little opportunity to make sharp entry points with tight videos around specific subjects and offerings.

You've got longer-form content, and that has its place - usually at the end of a sales funnel, but you want both out there - both small and bigger pieces to capture the audiences that are after both. Sometimes more is more, and sometimese less is more. That's where we step in.

What are the core messages you need to broadcast? Which moments spark interest instantly? How can we make your audience crave more?

By distilling your content into potent little snippets, we amplify your reach. Now instead of a big flagship video - you have a big flagship video and tons of little hooks that can each lead to it! These clips are perfect across social media platforms, emails, or even as engaging highlights on your website. Video Cut Downs ensure your audience gets the best parts of your story tuned around specific aims, fast and furious, prompting them to engage further.

Curious about how to make every second count? Keep on scrolling!

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Video Cut Downs Both Make And Save Money!

A Prism of Powerful Highlights.

The Bigger Version Of The Hosemate Video

A Video Cut Down Of The Hosemate Video


Video Cut Downs are your little video friend for maintaining audience engagement and delivering your message with punch. We specialize in boiling down your comprehensive videos into tight pieces that have the powerful different flavours of your original content. For you this means more reach - your core messages and most impactful moments are chopped up and spread out as bait in the water for your hungry audience.

Imagine the audience waters full of your client-fish - each fish wants a different bait, and we'll make sure it's out there for them in a digestible little way! Then we can lead them to your bigger pieces for trust-building - but first we have to get them engaged.


Our process is pretty straightforward. We begin by sitting down and identifying the golden nuggets and sizzle spots within your larger pieces of content—those moments that define your message and differentiate your brand, the pain points you address, the benefits you give, the shades of substance that will sparkle to your different target markets. Then, we craft these segments into shorter, potent versions tuned to each need! Perfect for social media, email marketing, or your website.

This approach is about cutting content down with strategy in mind. Our team ensures that each cut down is a standalone piece of power. You'll get video hooks capable of driving engagement, amplifying your reach, and enhancing your brand's presence across platforms.

Why Should You Consider Video Cut Downs?

Leverage Your Content to its' Fullest Potential. Come On.

Video Cut Downs 3

Increased Reach and Engagement

Youtube came out 20 years ago, and online video has evolved more than the dinosaurs. Now videos are a type of marketing currency, you don't just go out with 100s, you have to have the multi-utility you need to catch the eye of your audience and stand out! By repurposing your content into bite-sized pieces, you're giving certain people what they want, expanding your reach, and you'll significantly boost your engagement rates.

More Powerful Messaging

Some people are busy, some people have a short attention span, and some people just want you to get to the point! In a world where time is of the essence, delivering your message quickly and effectively is key. Video cut downs ensure that your audience gets your core message loud and clear, no dilution.

Cost-Effective Content Strategy

Video cut-downs maximize your marketing collateral and help create a library of video assets from your existing materials. This fun approach saves resources and keeps your marketing fresh and relevant without the need for constant, new productions. You might be sitting on a gold mine!

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Let's Cut Out Some Videos For You.

Ready to pull a lead generation suite out of your comprehensive videos?

Our team at Top Draft Media is here to play tetris with your content and figure out the perfect smaller pieces to put together out of what you have. If you're looking for a collection of lead generating pieces, this might just be the approach you need to get em!

We love watching engagement uptick with a few clever video cut downs.

Click below to redefine your video strategy and see just how much punch your existing videos can pack.

Want To Know More?

Crafting Perfect Video Cut Downs: What Goes Into Them?

We'll Want To Incorporate The Following...

Powerful Punchy Parts

We distill the strong points of your original content, and disperse them, ensuring the hooks of your messages shine through, even in a shorter format. It's all about that hook!

Shades & Flavours

Different strokes ARE for different folks. Your longer pieces can contain many points to cover what you do, and we can make powerful versions for specific audiences amongst the cut-downs we'll create.

Your Brand's Voice

Maintaining the tone and personality of your brand is crucial, even in cut down format.

High Impact Visuals

We make sure the exciting visuals from your content are front and center, keeping up that important engagement factor.

A Clear Call to Action

Capitalise on your video's power! We ensure your cut downs include a direct CTA, guiding viewers to the next step in their journey with you.

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