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Top Draft Media’s Training and Instructional Videos save your money, save your time, and enhance skills and knowledge in your audience, enabling them to perform tasks more effectively and efficiently. Read on, dear reader!

Empowering your team or clients with Training & Instructional Videos that are watchable and effective!


Training and Instructional Videos...

...need to work to be worth your money. The key to effective training is clarity, relevance and engagement while we teach your audience - all the tricks that effective teachers and lecturers have been using for centuries! (Or longer!)

So for you, that means Top Draft Media will give you a super clear video guide with your audience's perspective in mind. Whether that's learning new skills or understanding complex concepts - or even communicating to clients how to use your systems.

Also, the footage we take of your product in action can be used for many other pieces of video content as well, from product/service explainers and overviews, to marketing pieces and more.

So, what do you need? Is it internal, or external? Is it a broader educational initiative, is it something to go along with your products or services? We'll always strive to make your training as effective as possible within your budget and timeframe. Top Draft Media is equipped to deliver what you need so you can use it and know that it will work!

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How To Make An Effective Training and Instructional Video

And keeping them focused till the end!

An Example Training & Instructional Video


Our Training and Instructional Videos give you clear, manageable lessons. We use diagrams, animated arrows, demonstrations, visuals, text overlays, or interviews to aid comprehension. Including a variety of shots and a presenter adds a human touch and can keep up engagement!

Top Draft Media makes sure to use plain language that the audience understands, considering the audience's perspective, showing rather than just telling, and using different angles to make information digestible. We demonstrate practical applications, helping viewers apply what they learn.


No two Training and Instructional Videos are the same, just as no two learners are the same.

Your project has its own set of goals, budget constraints, and target outcomes. At Top Draft Media, we align our creative process with your goals for this video, offering a personalized approach to meet your needs. You decide how involved you want to be, and we ensure we fully grasp your vision and objectives.

You might want it to be as effective as possible - or you might just want something to tick a box! We can deliver what will make you happy.

Benefits from a Well-Made Training and Instructional Video?

Results from video content!

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Enhanced Comprehension

Well-crafted instructional content improves understanding and retention, reducing the need for repeated training and support.

Increased Efficiency, Reduced Training Costs

With clear, engaging videos, learners are more likely to complete training successfully, leading to better performance and productivity.

Deeper Engagement

By using visual storytelling to explain concepts that keeps your audience in mind, you show you understand their needs and you keep staff engaged and invested in their development.

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Training & Instruction Videos For Your Goals!

Tell us what you need and how things work, and receive an effective educational tool with a Training and Instructional Video! Whether it’s for onboarding, professional development, or customer education, we bridge the gap between where your audience is now and where you want them to be.

Let’s turn learning into an engaging, productive experience. Click below to get started!

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What Makes a Great Training and Instructional Video?

Knowledge imparted successfully and easily, so you can focus on other stuff!!

Clear, Direct Messaging

We simplify complex topics into clear, easy-to-understand language, using visuals to reinforce key points. Text boxes, animated arrows, highlighting and messaging that keeps your audience in mind.

The Engagement Factor

Let's respect the audience's time and attention span! Variety, a mix of modalities of teaching, relevance and your audience's perspective in mind ensures learners don't tune out, making your content more effective!

Practical Demonstrations

Showing real-world applications and outcomes sets clear expectations, enhancing learner understanding and satisfaction.

Comprehensive Coverage

Presenting information from various perspectives improves overall understanding and engagement, making the learning experience more effective.

Actionable Next Steps

We guide learners towards additional resources or steps, capitalizing on their engagement to further their education or action.

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