Your Business Looks Great In Motion!

You need video to get yourself out there - and we specialise in video that gets you out there.

Want to know more?

So do your potential clients. They're itching to know - what makes you stand out from the crowd?

What unique solutions can you offer them?

And most importantly, will you deliver results that exceed their expectations?

Harness the power of Top Draft Media and show your potential clients what sets you apart from the rest!

You'll Receive:

A fully scripted & produced video package

All footage and rights

    The latest video made by our Team

    Tell Me More!

    A Top Draft Video is results focused - we start with what you want to achieve, and make a video that achieves that mission - incorporating your business, your work, and your brand.

    That's our 'mission' for your video - whether you need us to increase enquiries on your website, or save time and money spent on repeatedly explaining processes by creating video training.

    The Process:

    1. You Tell Us

    You'll talk with our friendly team, so we can understand why you need a video in the first place. We'll present to you: the Top Draft solution.

    2. We Film You

    We arrive at your chosen location, get the best shots we can possibly get, guide you through any interviews needed, then we leave and get to editing!

    3. Delivery

    When you approve your completed video, you'll receive it! Place your video online, and if used correctly the results will begin to come in before you know it.

    What are you looking to achieve?

    Top Draft provides video services specifically engineered to accomplish the following tasks:

    • Increase Website Enquiries
    • Generate Web Traffic
    • Tell Your Story
    • Build Your Brand
    • Gain Awareness
    • Turn Heads
    • Deliver Knowledge
    • Document Processes

    Replace your repetitive processes like Training and Explaining to stakeholders with a crystal clear video.

    Top Draft Video Samples

    If you want to see what we can do for you with our cameras - look no further!

    Here's a selection of a few recent jobs - but our team has made hundreds. It just depends on what you're looking for!

    Example - Industrial Product Video

    Example - Business Introduction Video

    Example - Case Study Video

    Example - Testimonial Video

    Top Draft Is Your Source for Video and Web Design

    Top Draft is your go-to source for expert drafting services, including remote drafting for architectural, cabinet making, and manufacturing projects across various software platforms.

    With our video and web design services now available, we provide you with comprehensive solutions to support your productivity needs - on both ends of the pipeline.

    Whether you're managing a busy workload, in between in-house drafters, or expanding your business, contact Top Draft today for your remote drafting, video and web needs.