In Marketing, Content Is King.

Looking to get a marketing edge which will take your business to the next level?

To truly engage with your audience and drive results, you need a steady, regular stream of genuine, high-quality content.

Content that doesn't just tick the boxes, but turns heads and gets people moving!

That's where Top Draft Media's content service swoops in, sweeps you off your feet, and switches on the attention button...

You'll Receive:

A full year (or more) of fully planned, researched and produced blogs, videos, podcasts and more!

All footage, copy, files and rights - yours forever.

    What Content Will You Get?

     (What Content Would Your Audience Like?)

    Top Draft will design for you a custom month-by-month content strategy specifically for your business which incorporates your budget, your desired outcomes - but most importantly, it incorporates what your real audience actually wants to watch, read, and listen to!

    We work month-by-month, continually seeking out your best new opportunities and refining our strategy based on how your market responds.

    The content you will receive will be tailored to your requests and requirements - but we primary produce the following:

    Branding Videos

    Top Draft Branding Videos present a strong image that supports your brand.

    They set expectations for the client experience, weaving in your capabilities, brand, and message and sometimes include snippets of testimonials from your happy clients.

    Articles / Blogs

    Top Draft Articles and Blogs serve a dual purpose.

    They provide the SEO content you need to rank high on google and be found by your customers - while actually being entertaining and giving value to your audience.

    Social Media Posts

    The key to engaging an audience with your social media profiles is providing regular, relevant content that is original enough to be worth a click.

    Top Draft Social Media posts are designed to get clicked, liked, and most importantly - shared.

    Lead Generation Videos

    Engaging your potential clients with relevant, fresh video content that actually gives them value, excites them, builds trust - and then sends them where you want them to go?

    That's a Top Draft Lead Generation Video.

    What Puts The Top Into Top Draft Content?

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    The real power behind Top Draft's Content Production Service comes from our years of experience combined with a few clever secret ingredients. If you're interested, we'd love to tell you a few principles that we and our clients swear by:

    Be Relevant.

    Your clients want to know their potential experience with your brand and feel a strong connection. To maximize engagement, it's vital that we tailor your content to your audience - usually, your potential clients.

    We focus on their perspective, their search terms, and their attraction triggers. We hook them at the start of each piece of content.

    Testimonials and case studies are pivotal elements in this approach, providing social proof and building trust with your audience.

    Be Multi-Functional.

    The Top Draft Content strategy always thinks ahead - how can content be repurposed?

    It just so happens that every video has a script - and usually this can be spun out into a blog post. And blog posts - hey - they work great as to-camera video pieces!

    There are clear opportunities to spin your content and messages into other formats – such as blog articles, email newsletters, social media posts, podcasts, and more. Top Draft multiplies the yield your content by spinning it into other forms – and this goes both ways.

    With a large volume of old content comes a lot of potential, and we can practice sustainability by repurposing old videos and copy.

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    Be Original.

    Our expert team will take the time to understand your brand, voice, and values, and develop a content strategy that resonates with your audience and helps you achieve your goals.

    With our content planning service, you'll get a year (or more) worth of content planned out and ready to go.

    We'll handle everything from the initial brainstorming and ideation to the final scheduling and publishing.

    You won't have to lift a finger - just sit back and watch your engagement and ROI soar.

    Be Modular.

    Modular Content is a versatile approach that enables you to break up and repurpose your content.

    For example: an hour long interview becomes many short weekly releases. Your 2 minute Corporate Overview video should have 15 and 30 second versions for social media hooks.

    All content should be short, sharp, and effective. We increase the yield of each shoot, increase the yield of each video, and create punchier content that leaves your clients wanting more.

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    What are you looking to achieve?

    Top Draft provides content services specifically engineered to accomplish the following tasks:

    • Generate Enquiries
    • Increase Conversions
    • Drive Web Traffic
    • Tell Your Story
    • Build Your Brand
    • Spread Awareness
    • Get Attention
    • Deliver Training and Knowledge
    • Document Business Processes

    Our content comes from years of experience and research combined with an attitude of real engagement with your clients.

    The Process:

    1. You Tell Us

    You'll talk with our friendly team, so we can understand why you feel that you need a content strategy in the first place. We'll go back to the office, discuss, research, ask you questions, then present to you a plan for your first month of content.

    2. We Film, Produce, Write, and Edit For You

    After you pay a deposit, we proceed to production - cameras film, pens write, and we produce content that - hopefully - your audience will resonate with.

    3. Delivery

    When you approve your content, you'll receive it! Place your content online, and we'll sit back and measure what your audience responds to.

    4. Refinement and Advancement

    Based on your feedback, your audience response, and what new opportunities may lie in wait - we refine and tweak our strategy going forward, striking while the iron's hot.

    Top Draft Is Your Source for Top Content.

    If you feel the need to move beyond your current marketing situation, our content planning service is the perfect solution for businesses looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

    With a full year (or more) worth of high-quality content planned, researched, and produced by our expert team, you'll be able to engage your audience, build your brand, and achieve your business objectives with ease.

    Get in touch with us today to learn more!