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Video Types

Get a massive bag of content to post regularly with Value & Tip Videos! We'll take the stuff you already know and chop it up into a bunch of scripts to film on the spot with a teleprompter - you'll end up with a big truck full of  video to post. Let's explore how!

We can even film these on the spot with costume and background changes, making your posts look fresher!


Tip & Value Videos...

...are your ticket to social media engagement! In today's fast-paced world, everyone is looking for that little hack, insight, or piece of advice that can make their day easier or more interesting. And here's where you come in!

Bite sized, digestible information - but importantly, they are super easy to make, edit, and use. In fact, they are so easy to do that we always recommend making 10, 20 or more at once - we'll bring the teleprompter, and we'll work with you to write them, too. Your audience will love these little tasty videos!

Why settle for being just another page when you can be an audience's source for relevant tips and interesting bite sized info? You'll build a following in no time! With Value & Tip Videos, we focus on:

  • Sharing quick, actionable or interesting advice that viewers will love hearing about - because it's relevant to them, or just interesting and fun!
  • Positioning you as an expert in your field, building trust and credibility.
  • Sparking conversations that turn viewers into engaged community members.

It's not just about what you know; it's about how generously you share it. And you would have so many of these little tips bouncing around your noggin - ready to extract and pump out these Value & Tip Videos (often we make these around 30 seconds).

Let's create content that your audience will gobble up and keep them coming back for more! Read on if you'd like to know more about Top Draft Media's Value and Tip Videos, too.

Tip & Value Videos 2

We'll easily build you a library of Tip & Value Videos!

Months of content from a single shoot!

An Example Value & Tip Video


Value & Tip Videos are all about two main prongs of attack: subjects that your target market is doing internet searches for, and subjects that your target market will find interesting or fun.

The idea is that the subjects that your target market are doing internet searches for will lead them to your social media profiles or website and increase your traffic and therefore your audience and leads!

The subjects that your target market will find interesting are for them to be engaged by after they've already found you - after all, they don't know what they don't know, and the reasons they walk into the shop don't have to be the reasons they keep coming back or sticking around.


As we mentioned in that other column in this section, we like those two prongs of attack: what's searched for and what's interesting. But our clients like yourself have often had a business for a few years and have done many newsletters, mail outs, web pages, blog articles, networking group talks, or just stuff you tell your clients all the time or use at work yourself!

You'll most likely have a dragon's hoard of knowledge that you're sitting on that are ripe for the harvesting to turn into video content.

We like to make the videos short and sweet (and therefore easily digestible and shareable) - we don't want to overwhelm the viewer, and we want them to finish the video feeling like they've learnt something they can remember. So we keep it pretty simple - maybe those blog articles you've written can be turned into a multi-part series of a few videos that follow up each other!

What Happens If You Get A Tip & Value Video?

Results from a bag of video content!

Tip & Value Videos 3

Regular Content

Becoming a trusted advisor in your field takes time and regular content. Value & Tip Videos are a great way to make a whole bag of videos at once - the more videos we make, the bigger the bag!

Help Build an Audience

With your permission, we can even make your videos interactive - it's a key to engaging the community! Let's invite viewers to engage with your content, ask questions, and even request more advice, fostering a community around your brand.

Increased Traffic

Targeting search terms from your target market brings in the masses who are using search engines to ask questions they're wondering about - questions  you'll answer with your videos!

Tip & Value Videos 4
Time to Elevate Your Authority

The Tip & Value Videos Upgrade!

In a world where content is king, standing out with genuinely useful and engaging videos can make all the difference. Let's transform your expertise into captivating content that educates, connects and converts. With every tip shared you're building bridges to your audience.

Your expertise has incredible value. Let's capture it all and give you a whole suite of content videos! Click that button that says 'BOOK US IN' - your audience is waiting to hear from you.

Want To Know More?

What Makes A Tip & Value Video?

Honestly, it depends what your audience is looking for. However, they can include:

Search Term Headlines or Interesting Topics

We gotta make that SEO rockin'! Your audience has stuff they search the internet for, so let's make your Value & Tip Video pop up when they do!

Also, your audience might be searching for 'Best Air Conditioners 2024', but they'll stick around for 'Which Air Conditioners Explode?'.

Visual Aides to Accentuate Key Points

We use nice looking animated text to pop up and accentuate key points. It helps with information delivery and retention, looks professional and slick, and helps the video structure and feel.

We can also have other visual aides pop up, or even supplemental footage!

Practical Tips

Real, actionable advice takes center stage. We focus on tips that viewers can immediately implement, enhancing their lives or work.

Audience Interaction

Encouraging viewer participation turns passive watching into active engagement. We design content that prompts questions, comments, and shares.

Strong Call to Action

Every video aims to inspire action, whether it's learning more, trying a technique, or connecting with you for more content!

Some More Examples

Have a look at a few more Tip & Value Videos that we've made!

Does Your Agent Have A Network?

This Value & Tip Video for Hutton & Hutton was done in a set of 12 Videos shot in 2 hours with 4 costume changes.

How Much Is My Brisbane House Worth?

It provided Hutton & Hutton with a harvest of SEO and engagement material targeted towards popular search terms from their target market.

The Value of Styling Your Home to Sell in 2019

Because it was shot with a variety of costume and background changes these tips could be alternated and gave a fresh look each time they were posted

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