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Story Engagement Videos mean more engagement for your brand and business! Stories that your audience will love to watch and listen to are all about mixing relevance with novelty and emotion - whether it's a heartfelt emotional story, something fun, or the results you bring to the table! Scroll down so we can tell you a story about the stories we'll help you tell.

One of the world's oldest professions is a storyteller. Why? Because people love stories.


Your Story Engagement Video...

...needs to be something your audience will love watching.

We need an angle - whether that's relevance, novelty, high production value, engagement through eye candy, or any of the ways Top Draft Media can help make your social media content more engaging.

Of course, we also need more straightforward, objective and results focused content for your business's platforms to pull in people from search engines who are looking for answers to specific questions and problems, but building a following is about mixing modalities and content types! There are so many opportunities, but they all need to be either relevant or novel - for you, both of those mean engagement.

Through this engaging content, we'll give your audience an invitation to step into the world we've created and connect them further to your brand, leaving them hungry for more content!

There is magic in storytelling, and it has its place as a regular part of your content lineup. Let's explore it further!

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A World Full of Story Engagement Videos to Capture!

Turning Reality Into Content.

An Example Story Engagement Video


There are so many things we can base your Story Engagement Video on, like:

  • A story of the real passion and skill from team members in your business, giving your audience an idea of what you can do for them, too.
  • A story from your clients about a way you went above and beyond to help them, giving your audience a story that makes you look good too!
  • Novelty stories connecting to your business, for example, your head engineer is the 2023 world's strongest man, so you show him attempting to pick up one of your heaviest products! Maybe you have a duck that harasses employees in your parking lot. There are so many options for this.
  • An ambitious of novel use of your products or services, documenting the challenges and methods used to overcome them over the project's lifespan.
  • A behind the scenes look at a project or the inner workings of your business, or even a behind the scenes look at your key staff's home life and hobbies.
  • Heartfelt human stories from your staff, clients or community members you serve about overcoming obstacles and the sweet triumph of doing so!

What Happens If You Get A Story Engagement Video?

Results from a story? Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat!

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Increased Engagement

Increasing engagement with your audience on social media means pumping out regular content - but that content should be varied, you have to throw in a curveball every now and then! These Story Engagement Videos do that for you, helping to keep things fresh and keep up engagement.

Shareable Content

Nobody can promise that anything will go viral, but organic, human content forms an emotional connection with the viewer and tends to get shared quite a bit by certain audiences!

Brand Building!

Building your brand is all about constructing and refining the phantom image that's in your audience's mind of who you are and what you mean to them. Story Engagement Videos are another chance to sculpt this in a different way, and are key to a long-term brand building strategy.

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There's A Perfect Story Engagement Video Waiting for You!

Let's create a story engagement video for your brand or platforms in a way that connects with and captives your audience. There are so many things we can show that will engage your audience, but together we can find the perfect one! Or if you have one already, don't let your story go untold; let us help you share it with the world.

Your narrative has the power to inspire and engage. Click the button below and we'll get started!

Want To Know More?

What Goes Into A Story Engagement Video?

It could basically be anything. Think of the wide variety of topics movies can be about! But when it comes to business, you can't get too wild (or can you?)...

The Emotional Core

Whatever your story engagement video is about, people love real emotion. It's not fake - and it cuts through the noise. Passion is where it's at! We can get right into that emotional essence, following up the questions that make people's eyes light up, creating a story that feels genuine and human.


What does your target market or target audience want to see? What resonates with them? What do they enjoy, what do they have in common, what do their likes and dislikes tend to be? The more information we have on your target audience, the more we can make something they will enjoy. Of course, there are things that just about anyone will resonate with!


Something that people haven't seen before is always a good idea to follow up on - especially when it comes to marketing your business. With your main marketing videos we want to stick to client relevant stuff, but with story engagement we can be more varied!

Visual Engagement

Information should be conveyed in a variety of modalities - and providing picture or video visual aides of your story content is a great way to go beyond a talking head and increase the fronts on which we attack the viewer's senses! Top Draft Media can shoot anything you need.

Keeping it Tight

When we interview people, we keep in mind the final edit - and making sure the fluff is able to be trimmed out is essential. You want a bit of fluff for the human side (humans ARE fluffy), and we'll help make sure the rest can be trimmed, so you end up with a more powerful video!

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