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Staff Profile Videos can be super important to have depending on your business type and price bracket of the service offered! Let's showcase the talented individuals who power your busines, taking a closer look at the faces behind your success.

Because behind every great business, there's a team of great people. Let's meet yours.


Your Staff Profile Videos...

...are your chance to let the viewer know they'll be taken care of by someone that will do a great job.

People also connect with people, so showing the dedicated professionals behind your services creates a more personal connection with your audience. They can be great ice-breakers and set expectations in an engaging way.

Imagine a video that highlights:

  • The unique skills and personality each team member brings to the table.
  • Their passion for what they do and the contributions they make.
  • The collective spirit and culture of your team that sets you apart.

It's about bringing your business's human side to the forefront, making your brand more relatable and trustworthy. Let's show your potential clients who's behind your success!

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Staff Profile Videos for Key Staff!

A personalised mini-movie for the stakeholders your clients want to know about.



Staff Profile Videos are all about showcasing the faces behind and in front of your business.

Do you need public-facing profiles for your clients to know who's in charge of where their carefully spent dollars are going? Or do you need internal interview videos that improve employee morale and satisfy HR objectives? We can, of course, make you both!

We'll interview your staff about their skills, work, what makes them tick and give them passion, and capture footage of them at work with your team but we can also interview happy clients of projects they've completed, as well as work they've done and even a bit of them relaxing or enjoying hobbies outside of work for the human factor.


Your Staff Profile Videos can be used to pique engagement on social media, sit ready and waiting on your staff's profile pages on your website, and since we'll be interviewing your staff to make them, we should ask more questions so you have material for recruitment videos too. Your staff can talk about their duties and what it's like working for you. In fact there's a lot we can do with the material!

You can also send them out in mailouts and newsletters, use them at trade shows, and use snippets from them for your other videos such as service and company overviews. There are so many applications it's not funny

What Happens If You Get A Staff Profile Video?

A Staff Profile Video from Top Draft Media brings you numerous benefits:

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Increased Conversions and Trust

Your audience of potential clients sometimes needs to know who will be in charge of their project with you - and a great way to demonstrate that is a tight video presentation that demonstrates skills and capabilities in a human way.

Enhanced Employer Branding

Highlighting your team's culture and dynamics positions your company as a desirable place to work, attracting top talent and enhancing your employer brand.

Increased Engagement

Personal stories resonate deeply with viewers. By showcasing the individuals behind the services or products, you humanize your brand, leading to increased engagement and customer loyalty.

Staff Profile Videos 4

The Staff Profile Video Showcase

It's one thing to tell your clients about your competent, dynamic team. It's another to show them. With Top Draft Media, you're sharing qualifications and experience, stories, dreams, and the human touch behind your brand.

Let's turn the spotlight on the people who make your business extraordinary. If you're ready to share your team's story with the world,  hit that 'BOOK US IN' button and let's start this journey together!

Want To Know More?

What Makes A Staff Profile Video?

We'll Want To Incorporate The Following...

The Personal Touch

Each video is a chance to introduce a member of your team in a way that's relatable and engaging. We focus on the person, not just the position.

Career Highlights and Skills

We'll showcase not only what your team members do but also how well they do it, highlighting achievements and expertise that contribute to your company's success.

The Team Dynamic

Let's demonstrate how individual roles contribute to the team's objectives, showcasing the collaborative spirit of your workplace.

Personal Journeys

Everyone has a story. We capture the journeys that have brought your team members to where they are today, adding depth and relatability to your brand.

A Peek Behind the Scenes

Showcasing day-to-day activities and the working environment gives viewers a feel for your company culture and what it's like to be part of your team.

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