Video Types - Specialty Videos

Have a read on to discover what makes a business's marketing pop and how video comes into the mix.


We'll Show You How Video Can Work For Your Business.

01 / Custom Videos

You have a unique vision, and a story you want to tell in a way that you love. We'll sit down, talk with you, and make sure to understand what you want to bring to life.

A video that perfectly aligns with your unique vision. That's what our Custom Videos are all about. Whether it's a groundbreaking idea or a complex concept, we're here to make it happen. Your imagination is the limit. And you can use our imagination if you wish as well.

Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Every aspect of your Custom Video is crafted to reflect your specific goals and brand identity. We dive deep into your vision, ensuring the final product is not just a video but a true representation of your unique message!

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

Let's transform your vision into a captivating video reality. Custom Videos are your canvas for creativity.


Custom Video for Awaken Realms

02 / Real Estate Videos

Highlighting Your Listing's Best Features

Showcase your residential listing in its best light with our Real Estate Videos. We highlight the unique aspects, strengths, and the vibrant community surrounding it, appealing directly to your target market.

Show Them the Good Stuff

Your listing has a story, and we're here to tell it. From panoramic shots to highlighting key amenities, we make sure your property stands out to potential buyers.

Capturing the Essence of Your Property

Let's make your real estate listing irresistible. Real Estate Videos are your key to engaging potential buyers.


Belle Property Real Estate Video

03 / Business Broker Videos

Showcasing Your Business Opportunity

When selling a business, it's crucial to present it appealingly. Our Business Broker Videos focus on the positives—turnover, inclusions, strengths, and potential. We can show all plant and equipment included and list it clearly and cleanly. A Top Draft Media Business Broking Video makes sure prospective buyers see the full value.

Highlighting What Makes Your Business Special

We dive into what makes your business a great purchase, ensuring the video showcases its best points and the opportunities it presents. We'll show the DNA of what makes it a great purchase, and give the viewer an idea of how they'll be able to take advantage of its strengths.

Presenting a Compelling Business Case

Let's attract the right buyers with a clear, engaging portrayal of your business opportunity. Business Broker Videos are your selling advantage.


04 / Timelapse Videos

Timelapse Videos Are Cool To Watch!

There's something captivating about seeing time compressed into just a few moments. It's all about novelty and showing something that a human just cannot see - time compressed into a few moments.

The Art of Time Compression

Our Timelapse Videos are perfect for showcasing projects that unfold over time, from construction to events, the growth of a flower, the rush of traffic in a day compressed into a few seconds, a sunset setting and the brilliant rays of light that come with it, and many more beautiful uses for a Timelapse Video.

Whatever your project, we know how to capture its development in a way that's both satisfying and visually stunning.

Watch Your Project Come to Life

Let's document your project's journey, and the power of time.


05 / Green Screen Videos

Control Over Every Detail

With Green Screen Videos, you gain absolute control over the environment, lighting, and sound. We handle all the technical setup, making it seamless for you to be anywhere—or anyone. They can be great fun, adding in engagement and creativity to the usual fare.

Unlimited Creative Possibilities

Your message can be set against any backdrop you imagine, from cityscapes to fantasy worlds. We make the impossible, possible, and can bring in animations, characters, or anything else you need.

Elevating Your Message with Creativity

Let's place you in the perfect setting. Green Screen Videos give you the freedom to tell your story, your way.


06 / Engagement Proposal Videos

Your Love Story in Film

Capture the essence of your love story with an Engagement Proposal Video. Your journey together deserves to be celebrated. We create a video that's as unique as your relationship, ensuring it's a moment to remember.

Discreetly Captured, Beautifully Told

We can interview friends and family as well as yourself, weaving together interviews, footage, memories, and your provided photos, creating a touching prelude to your big moment. We're very discreet and can disguise it however you wish - a great idea is to present the interviews as creating a 'life story' video for a relative.

Setting the Stage for "Yes"

Let's make your proposal unforgettable. Engagement Proposal Videos are such a romantic step to your lifetime of memories. And yes, we can even arrange a theatre screening for the proposal.


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