Video Packages - 15 to 30 Second Videos

Shorter videos are a great little utility for a quick hook. They have a few different uses, so let's have a look!

First impressions matter, and if good can save a lot of time. Let's save you some now!


15-30 Seconds of Video Bliss!


Shorter videos are very watchable and effective, and they're used for delivering information and value (and getting the viewer to feel emotion) in a small amount of time. They definitely have their uses - we would say that they are 100% essential. You need a mix of short and longer videos. But the most important thing is that they're effective!

Generally, you can think of their utility like a fun-size chocolate bar (without the calories). Tasty enough to want some more. There's an energy and a fun to having small things. It's fun to have bite sized things. But there is power in that fun and energy - and engagement comes with that.

We use that to our advantage so your marketing can hit home, your training can be effectively understood, and your project can do what you want it to do.


  • Scriptwriting
  • Editing with two sets of tweaks
  • Animated Titles + Transitions
  • Licensed (Stock) Music, Photos & Videos (from our subscription libraries)
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editing with two sets of tweaks
  • Animated Titles + Transitions
  • Licensed (Stock) Music, Photos & Videos (from our subscription libraries)
  • Production Meetings
  • Professional Delivery
  • Post Delivery Advice
  • Production Meetings
  • Professional Delivery
  • Post Delivery Advice

You may also require a location shoot (extra, per hour) and voiceover (included in 60 second+ packages).

Example 15-30 Second Videos

Have a look at a few example shorter videos that we've made!

Contact Form Video

Boost engagement on your contact page with a brief, welcoming video. It guides visitors to connect, promising personalized follow-up—setting you apart from the competition effortlessly.

Lead Generation Video

Capture and engage leads with a short video ad. Designed for a solar panel company, our short video highlights how solar solutions can transform energy use and savings.

Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonials Videos highlight the different types of value you've provided to your clients, so your audience sees first-hand how they can benefit too!

Small Thinking.

Small video is very watchable and very effective. Their power is in their watchability and digestibility. Depending on the situation, some people would much rather watch a quick 30 second grab than a 5 minute overview. But we believe in the power of both!

There's a very effective system of marketing where you have a shorter video focusing on value, and then give people an option to either 'send an enquiry' or to 'learn more', and 'learn more' takes them to a longer webpage or more in-depth video to build trust and give even more value. It's called a classic 'sales funnel', and our clients use it effectively time and time again.

Lead Generation Hooks and Engagement Pieces on Social Media

Short Video Presentations/Messages For Webpages

Bite Sized Information Delivery For Training

Often we will make a 2 minute overview video for our clients, and then produce several different 'cut down' versions of this for social media and landing pages. This is part of our 'modular content' strategy where we build a library of usable footage for our clients to repurpose and draw from again and again.


Get Us To Make You A Powerful Little Package

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and even a short video tells a million. Well, we say that. But it's true - and we make sure all of those million words support your message, brand, and what your clients need to hear to hit that little button that says 'BOOK US IN'.

You might choose not have a rocket ship on your buttons, but your video will certainly take you to new heights.

Want To Know More?

More Ideas - The Power Of Small.

Here are some bite-sized video ideas for you to consider...


Social Media Tips

Give value and create an audience on social media with a bite sized tip video! We like to film heaps of these at once.

Short Testimonials

A few reasons from a happy client of why you're great to work with to hook the viewer in.

Lead Generation

An idea of how you make your client's lives better and an option to learn more or talk to you. Simply effective!

Bite Sized Training

Easy to understand instructions for clients and staff on how to complete processes.

Video Messages

Say hi, welcome people, or deliver whatever message you require. We'll make sure it sounds and looks good.

Contact Form Videos

This is probably our favourite video of all time. Increases the amount of contact form conversions.

Short Cutdowns

We like to cut down longer videos into shorter ones. It's fun to get the maximum use out of what you have!

Promo Video

Whether it's for an event, business, app store video or anything inbetween - we'll make sure it draws them in.

Whatever You Want!

Just talk to us about what you're looking to make. We can guide you through the process.

Get An Idea For The Top Draft Video Process!

From Conception to Writing, Shooting, Editing and Delivery.

Our Business Introduction Video


No matter your business, we know how to shoot your premises, work and team to make sure you come across great on camera. We know how to structure a message, voiceover or interview to communicate your message clearly and effectively. As the global culture changes every year we keep up with what works and what doesn't.

We'll guide you through everything necessary (usually not much) to get ready for filming, and let you know exactly what we'll be shooting to make your video awesome.


Depending on your availability, we can work in depth with you to plan it all out, or just learn as much as we can within your availability then you can leave it to us. We can check in and get approval at key milestones as much as you wish, scaling this up and down with your availability. There's a rhythm and pacing to effective marketing that we've got nailed down.

We've got the expertise for a solid plan to get things done for you, and can hit the marks to get your message across effectively. We'll come up with a messaging and shot list to make an engaging video for you, and we'll guide you through how your video will look. Your expectations will be set and you'll understand exactly what's going to happen.

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