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Sometimes smaller is better! Short Form Videos are perfect for capturing attention and delivering your message swiftly and effectively. Make an impact in a few seconds with a snappy grab and a clever message. Read on to find out more!


Quick hits, big impact. Your brand and message communicated in record time. The start of a sales funnel.


Your Short Form Video... your ticket to engaging audiences who value their time. In a world where every second counts, these videos are your best bet for making a memorable impression quickly.

There's incredible power in small packages. Telling your story, showcasing your product, or sharing a tip in just 15-30 seconds may sound challenging, but done the Top Draft Media way, it's incredibly effective. Here's why you'll love them:

  • Instant engagement
  • Easy to consume
  • High shareability

Whether it's a snappy intro to your brand, a quick showcase of a product, or an engaging tip for your audience, we've got the formula to make your message stick – and quickly!

Short Form Videos 2

See Short Form Video Magic Unfold!

Great Things - Small Packages.

An Example Short Form Video


In a world where attention spans are shrinking, the power of short form videos cannot be understated. Whether it's a quick intro to your brand, a snappy testimonial, or a lead generation masterpiece, we understand the art of concise storytelling. Our process ensures every second of your video is packed with value, delivering your message in a way that's all about your audience's emotions and expectations.

Our team of creatives capture the heart of your brand to craft a message that resonates within a compact timeframe. We'll storyboard, shoot, and edit a video that captures the meat of your message. It'll be engaging, memorable, and repeatable.


Our streamlined process is designed to make the most of your time and ours. We can take care of everything, or work closely with you to kick those goals!

Top Draft Media knows how to maximize every moment on screen to ensure your message lands and sticks. Scripting a powerful message or capturing organic gold, to communicating the perfect emotion with just camerawork and music, we plan for perfection to make your video shine like a diamond and cut through the sea of digital content.

With our cameras and pencils, we'll nail your brand's voice and visual style in a succinct format, giving your audience lasting impressions.

What Are The Benefits of Going Short?

The immediate advantages are...*drum roll*:

Short Form Videos 3

Increased Engagement

In the fast-paced digital world, short form videos stand out by fitting perfectly into the busy lives of your audience, many of whom are impatient and annoying (it's true!). These quick clips are more likely to be watched in full, increasing engagement rates and social shares. Work with what you've got, and social audiences have got a tiny attention span!

Versatility Across Platforms

Whether it's Instagram stories, TikTok, or quick Facebook posts, short form videos seamlessly adapt to various social media platforms, giving your brand a dynamic presence across the web.

Boosts Conversion Rates

Short form videos are about catching the eye; then they're about prompting action. A well-crafted, concise Top Draft Media video can significantly enhance your call to action, turning viewers into leads and customers.

Short Form Videos 4

The Short Form Video Revolution Awaits!

Your audience's attention is precious, and with our short form videos, you're set to captivate, engage, and convert like never before. A Top Draft Media short-form video cuts through the noise and uses the power of the small!

Embrace the efficiency and potency of short form content. It's time to make a lasting impression in just a few seconds.

Want To Know More?

What Goes Into Top Draft Media's Short Form Videos?

We Focus on the Essentials...

Your Message

With short-form video, it's about energy and benefits. We cut straight to the greatest hits - why should people care? What can you change for them? How are you different? Your core message shines through clearly and memorably.

Your Brand

Let's attract an audience that's suited to becoming your next clients. We'll make sure this happens by communicating your feeling and your brand - not just who you are, but who you want to be to your clients.

Your Audience

Let's research and find out what your audience wants to hear! Let's speak with relevance.

Engaging Hooks

We start strong, with hooks that ensure your audience watches every second.

Strategic Call to Action

We wrap up with a clear, compelling CTA that drives your desired audience action.

Some More Examples

Have a look at a few more Business Introduction Videos that we've made!

Hutton & Hutton Social Media Tip Video

We made a suite of social media engagement 'tip videos' for Hutton & Hutton Real Estate - this one produced for Sallyanne Smith was filmed in a batch of 12 with three costume changes! Great for engaging an audience on social media with regular content - and with the costume + background changes, they can be alternated as you post them to give a fresher feel.

Solasta Covid Tests Contact Form Video

We made this contact form video for Solasta in addition to their instructional content - all it took was to keep the camera rolling for a few more minutes, since it's such a short script! Short contact form videos increase the number of people who fill out your contact forms by a fantastic amount for how much they cost to produce!

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