Video Types - Sales Tools & Process Enhancement Videos

Take a moment to delve into the world of Sale Videos and explore how they elevate a business's marketing game. Discover the essence of what makes these videos stand out and how they seamlessly integrate into your marketing strategy.

We'll Show You How Video Can Work For Your Business.

01 / Training Videos

A Top Draft Media training video uses real footage or screen captures of the subject of your training video, alongside voiceover or a presenter, and big readable text, arrows and highlights ensuring we don't miss a step and neither does the viewer.

A key to effective training videos is not overloading the viewer with information, having clarity and focus in the presentation, and making everything easily understood.

The other key is to make sure the video is watchable - introducing different shots, colours, ways of presenting information, a professional voiceover artist with a pleasant sounding voice, and a lot of other tips we've collected in our war chest over the years. You'll enjoy the benefits of making a training video with Top Draft Media.


Big Readable Text and Arrows (With Voiceover)!

Instructional Video (Example)

02 / Contact Form/Sent Videos

Enhance your contact page's effectiveness with our innovative approach: a concise, human-presented video that directly engages viewers.

This simple yet powerful addition transforms the contact form experience, encouraging potential clients to reach out with ease. By offering a personal touch, assuring them of your prompt and thoughtful response, you set your brand apart from the competition.

It's a straightforward strategy that significantly boosts engagement and conversions.


Contact Form Video (Example)

03 / Business Proposal Videos

You've got one chance to make a great impression when your audience opens your proposals and reads them through. A professional video presentation that hits all the key points without wasting your audience's time is a fantastic boon to any salesperson.

Visual Aides are often a key part of making any proposal - making sure the offering and its merits are clearly understood without losing engagement. A variety of clear graphs and bullet points along with voiceover can hit the multimodal spread needed to communicate and complify a complex offering.

These are fantastic for selling big-ticket items and well worth the time to create - but we can also make personalized openers for more general presentations, or even teach you how to make your own openers on your webcam and send them over to us or your in-house team to insert into proposals.

Breaking the ice, making a professional and capable impression, and holding your audience's attention to get your message across with an engaging video can be well worth it's weight in gold!

How do we know they work? We use them ourselves - and when we do, our win rate shoots through the roof!


We Make Proposal Videos All The Time!


Most Proposal Videos We've Made Are Internal Only, But They Always Have Lots of Visual Aides!

04 / Trade Show Videos

Top Draft Media makes videos specifically for your use at upcoming trade shows - big, readable titles and text with clear offers to entice the people walking past your booth, with eye catching visuals and clear displays of value so people want to find out more!

And if you want music in your video, as long as it's not a core part of the production (like shots timed to a beat), we can give you multiple versions of your video with different music.

We know how it can be standing in front of the same track looping over and over hundreds of times all day - it can become a bit of an anthem of your annoyance. We fix that for you, so you can concentrate on talking to the people who stop at your booth and refine your pitch!


Big Bright Wording Is Essential To Grab The Attention Of Attendees!


Trade Shows are also a great place to get audience grabs in front of your branding about your business!

05 / Retail Display Videos

Similar to Trade Show Videos, Retail Display Videos feature eye-catching visuals with clear displays of the value your audience is looking for.

Whether that value is a product or service you offer, at the end of the day it's about enticing them with how you can help them achieve their goals. We'll craft you a video to do just that.

We also make videos for use in lobbies and waiting rooms - from corporate brand-affirming videos, to upsells of your other products and services. It's a massive benefit to have a looping video playing that shows other things your clients may want - and has a great return on your investment.


06 / Banner Videos

Banner videos are often the first thing your audience sees, offering a quick, visual introduction to your brand on websites or social media. They’re essential for making a strong first impression, showing off your professionalism and what makes you unique. A great chance to project the image you want your clients to have of your business.

A banner video playing at the top of your website or social media profile tells a story about your business - that you're capable, professional, and right in the pocket of what your clients are looking for. Plus, they're fun and cool to have!

These videos draw visitors in, telling your brand’s story fast and effectively, boosting interest and brand awareness right from the start.


Banner Videos are great to set good vibes (and set the stage for selling!)


Hey, those beautiful ladies look familiar!

07 / Video Business Cards

A short, engaging look at what you offer while setting yourself above the competition. And this is a chance to engage your audience, too, with a fun, engaging look at who you are and what you have to offer. Video Business Cards are a fantastic way to break the ice and make a great impression.

Equipping your sales team with video business cards can significantly boost their outreach efforts. This innovative approach to introductions can significantly increase your visibility and memorability in crowded industries.

We'll work with you to craft a short 20 second or so presentation of what your clients are looking to hear to take that next step with you, or just help you to affirm the vibe you want to project.


A Much Younger Nik Brown (our Video Production Manager)!

08 / 'How To Find Us' Videos

Sometimes your business may be a little tricky for the average customer to find - there are all sorts of obstacles, from maze-like alleys and shopping streets to strange shopping center layouts and nestled-away premises.

This is the obstacle that an 'how to find us video' can help overcome - after all, the more clients can reach you, the more clients you'll have. This is a very easy problem to solve, after you've gotten people to want to come to your premises, they need to be ABLE to get there!

We'll craft a clean and clearly understood video that shows how to reach your business from an easily found location - with highlights, arrows, and walkthroughs.


Let's Help Your Customers Find You!


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