Real Estate Videography

Top Draft Media's Real Estate Videography keeps the viewer watching til the end, showing off your properties in a way that lets them picture their use for the property in action. Nice smooth slow moving shots, drone footage and we can even put interviews with the agent or seller in there as well! Read below for more info!

Top Draft Media's Real Estate Videography is all about the buyer's and seller's mind and imagination!

Real Estate Videography in Motion!

Boost enquiries and draw the viewer into their dream with our Real Estate Videography packages.


You've got a property and you need a video to help sell it, meet seller requirements, and you want someone dependable and experienced. That's where we come in!

Top Draft Media's real estate videography service is here to do what you need us to do - from simple property feature videos, to full-blown productions with interviews, drone shots, local amenities, and walkthroughs.

We can even do after-sold videos, testimonials for agents, agent and agency profiles, area profile videos, a full suite of real estate video packages!


Video can also be for after selling, too!


We know you want your buyers to picture themselves using the property as they dream it - so we make sure each room is full of light, and use slow moving camera pushes and pulls to keep the motion going.

Every room should be as clean of personal items and clutter as possible, and we use wide lenses to capture the full width of each room - and then correct in post-production to remove any warping or barelling of the shots - this lets you make sure your buyer's imagination is the star!

What Can Our Real Estate Videography Do For You?

A Top Draft Media Real Estate Video can deliver the following advantages:

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Faster Sales

Video has the power to put the viewer into the property in their minds eye and convey the unique charm and potential of a property in ways photos alone cannot. This visual storytelling captivates potential buyers, making them more likely to inquire, visit, and ultimately make an offer.

Increased Property Interest

A well-made real estate video increases visibility and interest, it increases engagement - the buyer is interacting with the property for longer. It gets further ingrained into their memory, and moves the buyer along the sales cycle.

Enhanced Listing Value

Videos improve first impressions - they're basically the super version of photos. Real Estate Videography also gives an emotional connection, offering viewers a feel for the property's atmosphere and lifestyle. This perceived value can often translate into higher offers, as buyers are not just buying a house but the dream home they’ve seen in your video.


Real Estate Tip Videos are great for Social Media Engagement!

We'll Help Widen Your Audience!


Building an audience takes regular content, genuine content, client-centric content, and budget friendly content. We've found a way to combine all four of those aims into our philosophy at Top Draft Media, and we do it for clients like you on a daily basis.

We know how to make the most of an opportunity, and can help you build in content capturing processes into the way you already do things - all it takes is a little email template here and there, and a way to keep a regular cycle of content flowing. We know how to do this for you and with you!

Getting Coverage.

When we do a shoot for you, we like to make sure we get coverage, so you can get full use of what we're shooting for you. We want to make sure we have enough footage to accompany your messages, so we don't have to keep cutting back to the same shots!

We make sure to get multiple angles and zooms of the important parts of your shoot so that you can milk your content for all it's worth - and keep the viewer coming back.


Adding Energy.

A very, very important part of making your video engaging is making sure the shots have enough variety that the viewer's "eyes stay entertained". We take it beyond a static tripod!

Joining shots together with motion instead of having two static shots, getting novel angles (for example, from higher up) - we can even bring a drone - or adding in colour and action can really make a video pop!

Some Real Estate Videography Ideas For You...

Client Testimonials

Social proof. The power of a gold medal. There's no quicker way to build trust than using the power of your satisfied buyers and sellers! With Top Draft Media, that's exactly what we offer. We produce genuine testimonial videos that highlight how your services have truly helped your clients. Simple, authentic, and effective.

It’s direct, cuts through the fluff, and it's proven to work. And that's why we like it.

Agent Profiles

Your clients want to know who's going to be taking care of them. We bring the spotlight to your team through authentic staff interviews and profiles. We can even incorporate testimonials!

It’s about showing the real people, passion, and expertise that drives your business. No lines, just real conversations that highlight the human side.

It's a down-to-earth approach to show the expertise and skill your team has through the light of a real human conversation. Cleverly edited, of course.

Area Profiles

These bring in the people from social media and google search - area profile videos are a quick, engaging way to show off what's great about the area your properties are in - and thus, adding to the boons and features of your awesome listings!

The more people come in from google and socials, the wider your audience becomes, and if you pump out great content (like we provide), your audience remembers and comes back to you. Super simple!

Tip and Engagement Videos

Another way to pump out regular content is to harvest large swaths of Tip and Engagement videos for Social Media!

From turning your existing blog and social media posts into videos, to just writing 10-20 of these at a time and filming them all at once with a teleprompter and a few costume changes, we love how budget friendly these are and how easy it is to make great social media content with them!

When you have a real estate video need...

Just Call Top Draft!

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