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Chances are that if you're on this page, you're a Real Estate Agent looking for a Real Estate Video! Whether it's a Property Video, an Agent or Agency Profile Video, an Area Profile Video, Real Estate Customer Testimonial Video, or any of the cool video tools that are available to make to give your various processes a bit of a boost, Top Draft Media is here and happy to help. Read on, dear reader!

Whether it's assisting in the sale of a home within budget or assisting your lead generation and conversion processes, we've got plenty of video ideas for Real Estate!


Your Real Estate Video...

needs to reflect your ideal brand to the customer. And at the end of the day, your brand needs to be how you want people to feel about you. In the competitive real estate market, standing out is key, and that's always the image of a Real Estate Agent that:

For a seller, that you will do your very best to get them a great price using your superior know-how, attitude and skills

For a buyer, you'll match them with a home that suits their needs using your superior know-how, attitude and skills

And for people that can become both, will keep you front of mind when it's time.

It's your brand, your message, your audience, and our video expertise helping you send that out there in a way that suits your budget and time. We know you're busy, and we're happy to show you how to make the most of what you have!

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What Are The Options for a Top Draft Media Real Estate Video?

We can work closely with you or take care of it all.

An Example Real Estate Video


Our ultimate goal is to maximize your interactions with your potential clients. When it comes to property videos, we want to create videos that show the viewer how they can make that space their home - often this comes down to a good look at the rooms, cleanly decorated with personal clutter removed.

Top Draft Media's use to you as a Real Estate Professional extends far beyond Property Videos, though, dear reader.


We also create a diverse array of content to boost your brand, like customer testimonial videos that build trust and credibility, agent and agency profile videos that highlight your unique approach and expertise, and engaging community spotlight videos that showcase the neighbourhoods and lifestyles associated with your listings.

We have much more including a suite of Social Media Engagement videos, ensuring you have a robust toolkit to attract, engage, and convert your target audience.

What Do You Gain With a Real Estate Video?

A professionally crafted Top Draft Media Real Estate Video delivers:

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Increased Engagement

Our videos aim to give the experience of getting great value from you, whether that's realizing the potential of your own or someone else's property. This piques the interest of potential clients and nurtures a connection to engage more personally with your brand.

Building Your Brand

From the stories of satisfied customers to the detailed tips, tricks and insights into your expertise we craft videos that draw viewers in with a glimpse of what their life could be like after dealing with you, spreading awareness, your brand, and your value.

Enhanced Listing Appeal

In a crowded market, a Real Estate Video serves as a standout feature for your listing, showing the viewer what this home could mean to them in an enaging way. This leads to attracting a wider audience of potential buyers.

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Lift Your Property Listing with a Cinematic Tour

Upgrade Your Real Estate Presence!

In the real estate market, standing out is everything. A Top Draft Media Real Estate Video Suite gives you a professional, dependable platform to maximize your chances of success. Don't just be another agent that blends into the background, because that's not you! Let's capture attention, and win people over with style.

Ready to rock? Hit that 'BOOK US IN' button and let’s start pumping these videos out.

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What Goes Into A Top Draft Media Real Estate Video?

We'll Want To Incorporate The Following...

What's Relevant To The Audience

What does your target audience want to see? Let's always keep this in mind, and think like your ideal viewer. Often times, it's all about them!

Maximizing Potential

Whether they're selling or buying, they want to get the most out of their journey with you, so showing that you're a gifted matchmaker is fundamental!

The Human Touch

Staying genuine takes a bit of extra effort, but cuts through marketing noise and builds trust like nothing else!

Regular Engagement

Keeping a viewer's attention up is essential, so the rise and fall of energy helps to do this - in both single videos, and by pumping out regular content!

A Powerful Call to Action

We wrap up the visual feasts with compelling calls to action, directing potential buyers on what to do next to pursue their interest.

Some More Examples

Have a look at a few more Real Estate Videos that we've made!

Belle Property

Our video gets straight to the point - Belle Property stands for real honesty and better management for investors and landlords. It shows their team prioritizing every client and property, no matter what.

With clips of the team working hard for clients and communities, our video proves Belle Property’s dedication to top-notch service and quality tenants. This is how we help show the real difference they make.

Belle Property Auction

Our video shows a home sale done right. Over 190 groups toured the property, leading to a buzzing auction and a sale price over $900k. It's not just numbers; our footage of happy families and a community feel at the auction spotlights Belle Property's edge.

They get homes looking great and pull in the crowd, proving their method works. This video is proof positive of their success, making both sellers and buyers happy.

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