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Product Explainer Videos improve product understanding in your audience. This lets them get more value and perceived value from your products! This goes a long way towards building your brand, improving repeat business and referrals, and making purchase confidence easier. Let's break down the complexities of your products into engaging, easy-to-understand visuals.

Let's level up your customer understanding and engagement with Product Explainer Videos!


Your Product Explainer Video...

...has to pull your audience through the eye of the needle. On the other side of that eye is your audience understanding your product, its features, and how to use it best to get the value they're looking for!

Or sometimes, it's just about passing product explanation requirements within your budget and timeframe - which we can do as well.

Video is all about the visual and the audio, so if your goals align, let's use everything we've got to make sure your audience keeps watching and understands the value they can get out of your products. Let's break down those information barriers, get past the fog, and make things crystal clear and sparkling!

Here’s what we cover:

  • How does your audience use your product effectively, how does it work?
  • What makes your product a must-have?
  • How can your product change the viewer's life or solve their problems?
  • What upgrades or upsells can we mention here, what else do you offer that goes well with this product?

Let's make the answers to these questions clear for the audience! Let's maximize the opportunity of having a curious audience that wants to watch your Product Explainer Videos. To find out more, read on, dear reader!

Product Explainer Videos 2

Value and Function in a Product Explainer Video

And keeping them watching til the end!

An Example Product Explainer Video


Our Product Explainer Videos clarify your product's features in a manner that’s both engaging and easy for your audience to grasp.

Depending on the complexity of the product or feature you're showing, it can be essential to use a mixture of information delivery systems and content types. Our team will use whatever you need to get the job done - diagrams, physical demonstrations, close ups, wide shots, text overlays, 3d models and animations, interviews - whatever we need to get your audience from where they will be to where you want them to be!

Let's focus on using everyday language that people understand. Let's break things down in a way your audience will grab onto - and show them exactly what you want them to do to get value out of your product.


No two Product Explainer Videos are the same. No two of our client's needs are the same. Everyone has a different budget, different wants and different requirements, company values, culture and brand.

The Top Draft Media method is to make you happy and let you borrow our unique skills, experience and time to get what you need accomplished! We're not here to make avatar or flex on the competition. So we always work to your needs and desired outcome. You can be as involved as you like - and we'll make sure we understand your requirements comprehensively.

This is what gets us repeat business at the end of the day - whether you're all about the end product, or just want a no-fuss video made!

Benefits from a Well Made Product Explainer Video?

Your product explained clearly, creatively, and concisely, but done right, what can happen?

Product Explainer Videos 3

Enhanced Understanding

Explainer videos, well-made, improve customer satisfaction by way of comprehension - of how to use your product, of the value it brings, and of who you are to them as a company. This clarity can significantly reduce customer queries and support tickets, streamlining the user experience from the get-go.

Higher Conversion Rates

Knowing that your products have engaging, professional explainer videos, your audience will feel confident to continue their journey with you. Also, by seeding them to the public, you'll be effectively communicating your product's value. You're more likely to convert interested viewers into confident customers, ready to make a purchase.

Increased Engagement

By breaking down your product's features and benefits through visual storytelling, you captivate your audience's attention longer, leading to better engagement rates and a deeper understanding of what you're offering.

Product Explainer Videos 4

Your Product Easily Understood with a Product Explainer Video!

Your product solves problems, it enhances lives. It has an intended use - and intended value. But are your potential customers fully aware of these features and benefits? Our Product Explainer Videos bridge that gap.

Let's turn curiosity into comprehension, and make things much easier for you and your audience. Press the button below to get started!

Want To Know More?

What Makes a Great Product Explainer Video?

Some ingredients are...

Relevant, Concise Messaging

Let's turn jargon into everyday language where possible, and highlight key points and facts with text on screen. Let's show your audience we understand their position - and improve our rapport with them.

Engaging Visuals

For this video to be effective we have to make sure people watch it!  Within your budget, let's use every tool at our disposal to ensure viewers grasp your product's functions and your product's appeal.

Real World Applications

Let's show your product in action in the real world - setting audience expectations for its use, improving comprehension all-round and a lovely chance for before/after if applicable, too!


Showing a feature from multiple angles, literally and metaphorically, improves comprehension and engagement, and multiplies the effect of your video. Let's use all the tools at our disposal, and make sure we have coverage.

Strong Call to Action

You have further resources your customer can use if they wish to get more information, an online platform for them to go to to get this or even get more products and services from you. Let's capitalize on their engaging experience with your video!

Some More Examples

Have a look at a few more Business Introduction Videos that we've made!

RP Skirts

Our dynamic product explainer video brings the innovation behind RP Skirts to life. By transforming the founder's vision of a perfect pencil skirt into a reality, we use playful and creative tests—like the hula hoop competition and the totem tennis challenge—to vividly demonstrate the skirt's unparalleled fit and movement. These fun, interactive demonstrations not only keep viewers engaged but also offer a clear, visual understanding of the skirt's unique features. With our video, potential buyers get an authentic feel of the product’s benefits.

Skobi Splash range

In our engaging product explainer, the co-founder and podiatrist showcases school shoes built for adventure and playing in puddles worry-free.

We blend her insights with fun visuals of shoes in action—splashing and playing. highlighting the journey to creating splash-proof, durable leather shoes. We emphasize the robust rubber outsoles and water-resistant upper, offering a close-up view that outlines every thoughtful feature. This video combines key details and fun, showing Skobi shoes are made for play.

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