Location Shooting

So you want to do some location shooting! It can be awesome to see your workplace in a video, a mini-movie about your best customer experience. Well, give us a call, we're more than happy to chat, or read on below (and then call us).

From bustling offices to tranquil landscapes, on-location filming brings unparalleled depth to your video content.

Your Story, Any Place:

Custom Videography Services On Location


Whatever you need us to capture, we'll be there to get it on camera for you, with lighting, mics, cameras, drones, and all gear necessary - and we know how to shoot it to make it look good!

Whether it's an interview, product video, event footage, speech or presentation, or whatever you require - we'll make sure we get the shots you need, and we have the experience to come up with plenty more to make sure you get a great library to pull from for your project.


When we come to your business to shoot, we like to make sure our impact is minimized. Our crew is light and agile, and we're used to getting about our business without getting in the way of your workday.

When we come to your business to shoot, we like to make sure our impact is minimized. Our crew is light and agile, and there's often only two or three of us. We're used to getting about our business without getting in the way of your business.

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How Does Location Shooting Work?

We love making things easy for our clients. But you might be wondering how location shooting works, after you book us in?


We Make A Shot & Question List...

We'll talk about what exactly you're looking to capture, both in terms of B-Roll (supplemental footage) and messaging for the video (for interview responses we want to capture).

From the aims and a chat with you about what's possible, we'll make a list of shots needed and questions needed to elicit those responses we're seeking. We make a list of requirements to get those shots and schedule it out. What times of day are machines running? When are staff going to be there? We'll make sure you know everything.

We Rock Up With Gear!

We'll turn up to your location with enough time to set up, if needed, and bring all equipment necessary - lights, microphones, cameras, tripods, grips, steadicams, gimbals, drones, steel toed boots if needed, come say hello, set up an interview space if needed where we can take people as they're available, and we'll get down to business.

Footage Delivered In FULL.

Usually, our clients want us to edit footage taken into usable videos, snippets, or presentations.  After all, raw footage needs to be coloured and trimmed to be usable. Whether you need us to edit or not, we always deliver everything you require however you require it, and all rights are yours.

Our Showreel of Some Recent Awesome Shots

See A Showreel Of Awesome Shots You Can Expect!


It's no secret that visual jobs have a certain satisfaction to them - being able to see the fruits of your labour first-hand is so much fun. The fact that we're able to come in and do a fun job - that we love - to make you look good is super rewarding to us!

We've done all sorts of wild shoots over the years - some you'll have to ask us about in person, but the one constant is that we always push the envelope (within reason) and keep our brains whirring on the spot to get cool shots that add energy without pulling focus from your message. That's the key - engagement while keeping focus.

Getting Coverage.

When we do a shoot for you, we like to make sure we get coverage, so you can get full use of what we're shooting for you. We want to make sure we have enough footage to accompany your messages, so we don't have to keep cutting back to the same shots!

We make sure to get multiple angles and zooms of the important parts of your shoot so that you can milk your content for all it's worth - and keep the viewer coming back.


Adding Energy.

A very, very important part of making your video engaging is making sure the shots have enough variety that the viewer's "eyes stay entertained". We take it beyond a static tripod!

Joining shots together with motion instead of having two static shots, getting novel angles (for example, from higher up) - we can even bring a drone - or adding in colour and action can really make a video pop!

Some Location Shooting Service Ideas For You...

Client Testimonials

Social proof. The power of a gold medal. There's no quicker way to build trust than using the power of your satisfied clients! With Top Draft Media, that's exactly what we offer. We produce genuine testimonial videos that highlight how your services have truly helped your clients. Simple, authentic, and effective.

It’s direct, cuts through the fluff, and it's proven to work. And that's why we like it.

Staff Interviews

Your clients want to know who's going to be taking care of them. We bring the spotlight to your team through authentic staff interviews and profiles. It’s about showing the real people, passion, and expertise that drives your business. No lines, just real conversations that highlight the human side.

It's a down-to-earth approach to show the expertise and skill your team has through the light of a real human conversation. Cleverly edited, of course.

Completed Jobs

Showcase the fruits of your labor capturing the dedication, detail and skill that you put into every job. We can even interview the happy clients too, and your key staff involved to give clients a rounded story and excite their expectations.

Documenting the projects you’re most proud of so you can show the world the level of excellence they can get a taste of too. We'll film it and make it look good.

Premises & Capabilities

Show off what you have! Our cameras are ready to explore every corner of your worksite. What tools and capabilities do you have? How many people fit into your space, whether it's for functions and events, work life, or accommodation.

We'll focus on showing your capabilities, the scale of your site, and the diverse capabilities you offer.

When you have a video about your business...

Let's Shoot At Your Place!

At Top Draft Media, we love to encourage our clients to get shots of your real workplace and team in action. People love connecting with the real - and showing what's real helps make that happen.

We even have a few hundred dollars of fake pot plants we often bring around to dress up your premises, and many of our clients actually buy some pot plants after their video because it makes your space feel more airy. We've been thinking about a partnership with a certain warehouse - but since they started charging for onions on their hot dogs we're having second thoughts.

Our Happy Clients

microvellum 300 x 200

We Love Talking To New Clients!

We love solving the puzzle of how to fulfil your individual business's marketing needs within your budget.

It means we're not much fun on dates, but we'd love to talk to you about your marketing needs!