Video Packages - 120 Second+ Videos

Your platform for comprehensive storytelling, in-depth exploration, and detailed training. Here's what unfolds in a longer format!

Your message and brand with depth and detail. Here's everything you need to understand!


2+ Minutes of Comprehensive Content!


Long videos (2+ minutes) provide a fully-rounded look at your brand or products, perfect for detailed explanations or storytelling. They allow for deeper exploration, making sure viewers fully understand and connect with your content.

These videos are suited for in-depth topics, offering clarity on complex subjects or a closer look at what sets your offerings apart. They're effective for building trust, showcasing your expertise, and demonstrating value in a way a few steps above short videos.

Incorporating long videos into your strategy invites viewers on an engaging journey, whether through detailed product demos, extensive testimonials, or showing (instead of just telling) your company's mission. They're about creating a lasting impact, that viewers remember and wrap their minds around.


  • Scriptwriting
  • Editing with two sets of tweaks
  • Animated Titles + Transitions
  • Licensed (Stock) Music, Photos & Videos (from our subscription libraries)
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editing with two sets of tweaks
  • Animated Titles + Transitions
  • Licensed (Stock) Music, Photos & Videos (from our subscription libraries)
  • Production Meetings
  • Professional Delivery
  • Post Delivery Advice
  • Production Meetings
  • Professional Delivery
  • Post Delivery Advice

You may also require a location shoot (extra, per hour) and voiceover (included in 60 second+ packages).

Example Long Videos

Examples of how Long Videos can amplify your message:

Government-Endorsed Initiative

This Australian Government video highlights a unique solution for Wild Dog Trapping in Ironpot, weaving interviews with local B-Roll and showcasing success in ecological management.

Instructional Video

This Instructional Video made for TGA Requirements shows clearly and concisely how to use the Solasta Covid-19 Lolly Test. All steps in the method have been outlined clearly.

Board Game Video

This video made for Board Game company Awaken Realms highlights a custom table made for one of their games, Nemesis, weaving an interview with the creator in with table footage.

Long-Form Storytelling: The Ultimate Connection

Incorporating long videos into your content strategy opens up opportunities for detailed exploration of topics important to your audience.

Whether it’s through in-depth case studies, extensive product demos, or behind-the-scenes looks at your company, long videos enrich your content library, providing ample space to delve into the heart of your brand's story, elaborate on product features, or walk through services in detail. This format allows for a narrative depth that captivates viewers, fostering a deeper emotional connection and understanding of your brand's value proposition.

By offering viewers a thorough understanding of your offerings, long videos build trust and credibility, positioning your brand as an authority in your field.

Corporate Case Studies and Overviews

Extensive Training and Educational Content

Product and Service Explanations and Demos

From our clients' extended videos, we often create condensed versions for you to use on social media and landing pages. This approach is essential to our modular content strategy, one of the Top Draft Media hallmarks, where we compile a versatile footage library for ongoing client use and repurposing.

there is power in video. let's use it.

We Would Love To Help Achieve Your Will With Video.

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and even a short video tells a million. Well, we say that. But it's true - and we make sure all of those million words support your message, brand, and what your clients need to hear to hit that little button that says 'BOOK US IN'.

You might choose not have a rocket ship on your buttons, but your video will certainly take you to new heights.

Want To Know More?

Big Videos. Big Power.

Here are some longer video ideas to get the ball rolling!


Training Videos

Deepen knowledge and skills with comprehensive training content. Tailored to educate your team or clients, these videos cover everything from simple processes to complex procedures.

Event Videos

Capture the essence and excitement of your events. From corporate gatherings to product launches, we document the highlights and behind-the-scenes moments that tell the full story.

Business Overviews

Showcase your company's mission, values, and services. A detailed look at what you do and why, inviting viewers to understand and engage with your brand on a deeper level.

Product Overviews

Show the features, benefits, and unique selling points of your products. These videos give customers a thorough understanding of what you offer and why it's essential.

Product Explainers

Clarify how your products work with step-by-step guides. Perfect for demonstrating usability and functionality, making complex products accessible to everyone.

Case Studies

Tell success stories from your clients' perspectives. Highlighting challenges, solutions, and results, case studies build credibility and showcase your impact.

Engagement Pieces

Create content that engages and connects with people! Whether it's thought leadership, industry insights, value tips or brand stories, these videos engage your audience who love to gobble them up.

Culture Videos

Reflect your company's ethos, environment, and community. From day-to-day operations to individual stories, culture videos attract like-minded talent and clients.

Whatever You Want!

Just talk to us about what you're looking to make. We can guide you through the process.

See A Product Overview Video in Action!

From Conception to Writing, Shooting, Editing and Delivery.

An Example Product Overview Video


No matter your business, we know how to shoot your premises, work and team to make sure you come across great on camera. We know how to structure a message, voiceover or interview to communicate your message clearly and effectively. As the global culture changes every year we keep up with what works and what doesn't.

We'll guide you through everything necessary (usually not much) to get ready for filming, and let you know exactly what we'll be shooting to make your video awesome.


Depending on your availability, we can work in depth with you to plan it all out, or just learn as much as we can within your availability then you can leave it to us. We can check in and get approval at key milestones as much as you wish, scaling this up and down with your availability. There's a rhythm and pacing to effective marketing that we've got nailed down.

We've got the expertise for a solid plan to get things done for you, and can hit the marks to get your message across effectively. We'll come up with a messaging and shot list to make an engaging video for you, and we'll guide you through how your video will look. Your expectations will be set and you'll understand exactly what's going to happen.

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