Lead Generation Videos & Engagement Videos

Video Types

Lead Generation Videos are a powerful tool to captivate and convert your audience, driving meaningful engagement and nurturing potential leads into loyal customers.

We'll Show You How Video Can Work For Your Business.

01 / Short Form Videos

Grab Attention Fast

Short Form Videos are like your business's elevator pitch but even quicker. They're short videos meant to catch people's eye and get them interested in what you do. Think of them as your digital handshake – quick, engaging, and to the point.

Keep it Snappy

Often we can cut down testimonials or longer videos into short value statements that work as these short lead generation hooks. Snippets from larger stories that make people want to know more - that's what hooks people in to the next step you have waiting and ready for them.

These videos are all about making a strong first impression fast. They're perfect for social media where everyone's scrolling quickly. We make sure they're packed with your key message so viewers get what you're about instantly.

Open the Door to More

Short hooks are just the start. They get people curious and lead them to more detailed info about your business. They're your foot in the door, making people want to learn more about what you offer.


02 /Video Cut Downs

Short Takes from Big Stories

Got a lot to say? We take your longer videos and edit them down to shorter clips that are easy to share and watch. It's about getting the best bits of your message out there without losing any of the good stuff. Specific flavours and angles can draw in the specific people who are looking for those solutions to specific pain points.

You can turn a 2 minute overview video into a bunch of lead generators that take people to your larger video to learn more and send an enquiry!

Perfect for Sharing

These shorter clips work great across all platforms, making sure your message gets seen by more people. They're bite-sized previews of the bigger picture, inviting viewers to dive deeper into what you do.

Mix and Match

Cut Downs are versatile. Use them to keep your content fresh and interesting, driving traffic back to your main site or longer videos. They're a smart way to spread your message far and wide.


03 / Sales Promo Video

Deals Front and Center

Sales Promotion Videos put your latest deals or offers right in the spotlight. They're all about getting viewers excited and ready to take advantage of what you're offering, right now.

Create a Buzz

We make these videos pop with energy and urgency, making your offers too good to pass up. It's not just about showing off a product; it's about creating a buzz that drives sales.

Get Immediate Results

These videos are designed for action. With a clear call to take advantage of your offer, they're a direct line to boosting your sales figures. They make sure your promotions don't just get seen; they get acted on.


Power Smart Solutions Sale Promotion Video

04 / Case Studies / Testimonial Videos

Real Stories, Real Trust

Nothing builds trust like hearing from happy customers. Case Studies and Testimonial Videos are all about showing off the successes and smiles you've created. They're real stories from real people who've benefited from what you offer.

Testimonials Backed Up With Power

These videos are like text testimonials but better because they come with visuals, and seeing a real person talking who you know isn't an actor is so powerful to build trust in the awesome stuff your testimonials say about you! Seeing and hearing from satisfied customers gives potential clients a solid reason to choose you over the competition.

Turn Success into More Success

Happy customers are your best salespeople, and these videos let their stories do the talking. They show that you're not just making promises; you're delivering results. Let's use your success stories to win over new fans.

Video Testimonials from BRL & Rmeish

05 / Value / Tip Videos

Helpful Hints, Happy Viewers

Everyone loves a good pro tip, and that's exactly what Value / Tip Videos are all about. Sharing bits of advice or insights that genuinely help your audience not only shows you know your stuff but also builds a bond with them. It's about giving a little to get a lot in return—attention, respect, and loyalty.

Share the Wealth

These videos are quick, to-the-point, and packed with nuggets of wisdom your audience can use right away. Whether it's a life hack, industry insight, or a how-to guide, we make sure it's something that makes viewers' lives a bit easier or more interesting.

Build Trust Through Giving

When you share valuable tips, you're not just broadcasting; you're starting conversations and building relationships. These videos position you as the go-to source in your field, making viewers more likely to turn to you when they need what you offer.


Hutton & Hutton Real Estate Tip Video

06 / Event Videos

Your Event's Highlight Reel

Event Videos let you relive the best moments of your gatherings, from grand openings to annual conferences. They capture the mood, the crowd, what was on offer, and the key moments—everything that made your event special. They make perfect videos to share for when it's time to put on another event and get people to come!

Extend the Invite

Not everyone can make it to your event, but with these videos, they can get a taste of what they missed. It's like extending the invite far and wide, keeping your audience engaged and making sure your event's buzz lasts long after the lights go out.

Keep the Party Going

Think of Event Videos as your event's encore. They keep the energy high and the memories fresh, sparking conversations and sharing the vibe with those who were there—and those who wish they were.


Australian Fundraising Event Video

07 / Story Engagement Videos

Every Brand Has a Story

Story Engagement Videos dive deep into what makes your brand tick. They're not just about what you sell but the journey, the why, the passion behind it. It's storytelling that connects on a human level, turning viewers into participants in your brand's ongoing story.

Make Connections That Count

We craft these stories to resonate, to touch on shared experiences or aspirations, making your brand's story a part of your audience's personal narrative. It's about making meaningful connections that last.

From Viewers to Believers

Great stories turn viewers into believers, and believers into advocates. Story Engagement Videos are your chance to tell your tale in a way that inspires, entertains, and enlightens, inviting your audience to join you on your brand's journey.

Story Engagement video for the Fit Pregnancy App

08 / Anything Shareable, Cool or Interesting

Viral by Design

Sometimes, you just come across something so cool, so interesting, that you've got to share it. That's what these videos are: content so compelling that viewers can't help but hit 'Share.' Whether it's a mind-blowing fact, an incredible demonstration, or just something hilariously relatable, we've got you covered.

Stand Out and Spread Out

In a sea of content, the cool and interesting stuff rises to the top. These videos are designed to make waves, grabbing attention not just for their own sake but to shine a spotlight on your brand.

Be the Buzz

Everyone wants to be what people are talking about, and with content that's share-worthy by nature, you'll be just that. Let's create something that doesn't just get watched—it gets talked about, shared, and remembered.

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