Interview Shooting

Exploring the potential of Interview Shooting to elevate your brand? They're a great way to leverage heartfelt endorsements and interviews that speak to the core of what you offer and what your audience is looking for If you're eager to get started, contact us to start the ball rolling or continue below to see how authentic narratives can make those deeper connections with your target audience.

Getting real talk and honest reviews in your video? That's the stuff that really hits home with viewers.

On-Site Interviews:

Your Story, Told by Those Who Know It Best


When it’s the real stories and voices that need capturing, count on us to bring everything right to your doorstep. We're all about setting up, diving deep into the heart of what makes your business tick, and shining a light on those stories.

From the cozy corners of your office to the buzz of your events or even the openness of your fields—wherever your story is, that's where we'll be, camera in hand, ready to spotlight the people and experiences that define your brand. Got a unique space? We're all about getting creative to make sure we showcase every angle of your story.


We're here to capture what really matters about your business, without making a fuss. Getting the job done without getting in your way. We know how important your time and space are, so we keep things smooth and straightforward.

Getting ready for an interview or testimonial is simple with us. It's just a small crew, all set to capture the passion and stories that define your business. We're efficient, focusing on bringing out the best in your team and clients, making sure our impact is seen in the standout content we create, not in any disruption to your day.

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Capturing Authenticity: Your Stories, Our Lens

Ever wondered how we get those genuine, heartfelt testimonials and interviews? Here's the lowdown:


Interview Planning & Prep

We'll chat and outline the key stories you want to tell, points you want to hit, and make a question list to get the responses required. Your interview is definitely going to be someone talking and you're going to have things in mind you want them to say. Maybe you just want to see what we can get. We're thorough in our prep, and have a war chest of awesome questions we can draw from as well.

Talk And Capture

We come equipped with all the gear needed to capture and enhance your interview. We can vary our setup from a quick grab to lovely lighting to bring out that professional feel and we love talking to people (it's one of our strongest skills). It's not long before whoever is being interviewed forgets the cameras are even there, and we get the real, genuine self to shine through, which the viewer loves too.

Tailored Touches for Impactful Stories

We color footage, enhance audio clarity, and refine each moment to ensure your message shines through. Supplemental footage lets us cut away and get creative with the interview we've captured, refining raw conversations into engaging stories. You get custom-edited content that feels compelling and authentic, complete with full rights for you to share wherever and however you choose. Lovely stuff.


Off-camera facing interviews are great for getting more natural performances.

A Look Into Capturing Authentic Voices


It's definitely a good feeling getting across to the viewers those unique and personal stories from the faces of your business - Each picture, each conversation revealing a piece of what makes your business tick. Every interview and testimonial we capture shines a light on the passion and dedication that often stays behind the scenes. For us, every chat is a chance to show the world the human element that powers your brand.

From the energy of your workspace to the quiet moments in a local cafe, we chase down the stories that define you. It’s not just about recording words; it’s about painting a picture with them, crafting narratives that resonate and remind us why we do what we do. Every conversation is an invitation to explore something new and meaningful.

Let Us Tell Your Story.

In creating Authentic interviews, it's all about the full picture—ensuring your message is conveyed with clarity and resonance. We're not just collecting clips; we're weaving together narratives that speak volumes.

Whether it's capturing the broad vision of your mission or the intricate details of personal stories, our approach ensures your content has the depth, variety, and authenticity to engage and captivate. We're about getting those perfect shots that tell your story in the most compelling way possible.


Enriching Your Message

The power of a well-told story can't be understated. Through careful planning, shooting, and editing, we ensure your interviews and testimonials are not just seen but felt. It's about bringing to life the energy, passion, and personal journeys that define your brand.

We focus on the power of genuine dialogue and the stories that shape your brand. Our approach is all about digging deeper, moving beyond mere visuals to tap into the emotions and experiences that truly resonate with your audience.

Some Interview Shooting Ideas For You...

Before and After Testimonial Videos

Focus on the obstacles and challenges your clients faced before finding solutions through your services. These stories of transformation and success are incredibly powerful for showing the real value and impact of your offerings.

A great engagement piece is to compile positive messages and stories of appreciation from clients and partners, who have been positively affected by your work. A powerful testament to your value and positive influence.

Behind the Scenes Videos

Give a voice to the team that powers your business, sharing their dedication, creativity, and the unseen effort that drives your success.

Staff Profiles, Culture Videos, and anything that connects your current and potential clients with the real human stories underlying your business only engages and builds your audience and brand.

Culture and Community Videos

Explore how your business engages with and contributes to the community and industry. This angle emphasizes your brand's role and responsibility beyond just selling a product or service, highlighting community involvement, sustainability efforts, or industry innovation.

Event Interviews

Add energy and engagement to your event videos by interviewing the people present on the day - both on the staff and public sides. What was going on? What was on offer? How much fun did they have, and would they come again next time?

This content can be cut up and used to enhance your event videos as well as for stand-alone testimonials!


Let Us Work Our Interview Magic.

You should use our number one skill beyond the technical camera stuff - and that's knowing people, with real empathy. You could say it's our special set of skills - it gives us that little edge to capture awesome genuine feeling interviews on camera.

You'll get real moments happening on camera, real laughs, real emotions. The audience can tell the real from the fake, and we use the magic of reality to help your marketing truly pop and shine. We've even got a section in our proposals about it - we call it 'organic gold', and if you want to know more, just talk to us!

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