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Capture the energy and value of your event with our Event Videography, from celebrations to conferences, parties to picnics, trade shows to dog shows! What do you need accomplished? We can tell you how to best take advantage of your event footage and all the cool videos that can be made.

Using this event's footage to promote the next event of that type is one fantastic use for Event Videography.


Your Event Videography......

...can be used to capture the goldmine of marketing collateral just waiting to be captured!

This is all about capturing and using the spirit, the energy, and the unique atmosphere of your event. From the opening speech to the real emotions felt by the event-goers, to those real human moments, and especially what's on offer and the value contained within your event, there are so many opportunities to tell stories!

Why should your event be remembered? Because it's more than an occasion; it's a gathering of ideas, celebration, and connections.

Let's capture the human moments in the crowd, zoom in on the highlights and value, and showcase the best of your event:

  • What was the vibe? Fun & lively? Professional & transformative?
  • Who attended? Leaders and thinkers? Locals and performers?
  • What was on offer and what was enjoyed? Inspiration and knowledge? Yummy food and a fun day out with kids, friends and family?

Let's make the the viewers feel as if they were there (or there again), experiencing the best parts of your event, firsthand. It's powerful to make the viewer feel the energy of a successful event, and it can be used for many things, chiefly to engage an audience and to promote future events! Let's show off your event in a way that engages. Keep scrolling to see how, dear reader.

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So Many Uses for Event Videography!

Capturing the Essence and Emotion for you to Use!

An Example Event Videography Video!


Event Videos capture the atmosphere, the energy, and the moments that define your event, put them in your pocket, and let you pull them out and use them to get stuff done!

No matter your event, there are real human emotions and moments to be captured, as well as value - from things to be learnt and applied, to fun to be had, to food to eat and things to buy. We'll make sure to capture it all so you can show this to the world.

There are a lot of different videos that can be made from your event's footage, and we're here to guide you through what suits your needs and budget.


You and your event's needs are unique, so we start with your existing marketing systems, vision and objectives and figure out how we can power those up and give you more toys (videos) to play with!

Videos that stay on your brand can include of course event highlight reels and videos, but also testimonial videos from event-goers, focuses on specific parts of the event for specific needs, timelapses and aerial photography and videography, as well as story engagement pieces from your event and videos to promote the next one.

For companies, we can make videos that kick HR goals like employee engagement and morale, or fostering connection within the company. This can include videos geared towards improving the relationship between grassroots employees and higher-ups, or just that feeling of inclusivity in the company itself.

What Happens If You Get An Event Videography Video?

A professionally produced Top Draft Media Event Video can:

Event Videography 3

Strengthen Brand Awareness

Your event is a reflection of your brand, and a well-crafted Event Video is a testament to what you stand for. Highlighting your event’s success, the value provided to participants, and your organizational capabilities strengthens brand awareness and credibility.

Amplify Your Message

An Event Video extends the life and reach of your message far beyond the venue, allowing you to engage with people who couldn’t attend in person. It’s a powerful tool for amplifying your event’s key messages, spreading the word, and building anticipation for your next gathering.

Enhance Engagement

Event Videos keep the excitement alive, rekindling memories for attendees and showcasing what non-attendees missed. This dual appeal boosts engagement across your community, encouraging shares, conversations, and increased interest in future events.

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Ready to Showcase Your Event?

Capture the Magic with Top Draft Media Event Videography!

Nothing conveys the vibrancy and success of your events like a dynamic video. It’s about telling the story of an unforgettable experience and capturing those emotions felt in a bottle. And who better to help you do that than Top Draft Media? Let’s make your next event unforgettable - on video!


Want To Know More?

What Makes Great Top Draft Media Event Videography?

Key Ingredients to Bring Your Event to Life...

The Energy And Atmosphere

We capture the human moments at your event, the real emotions felt by event-goers, the excitement, and the energy that make your event unique. It's about bringing viewers into the moment, feeling it as if they were there.

Highlight Moments

Key speeches, presentations, surprise reveals, interaction between event goers, people coming onto stage, laughter and real emotion — these moments form the backbone of your Event Video. We ensure they're captured, and shown brilliantly and genuinely.

Behind-The-Scenes Glimpses

A little peek behind the curtain is genuine, which helps you cut through marketing noise! Showing what goes on behind the scenes adds depth and personality to your video. It's a peek into the effort and passion that goes into making your event a success.

Audience Reactions & Interactions

The audience's response is gold, providing authentic social proof of your event’s impact and giving a more human angle to questions asked and answered. We look for smiles, applause, and engagement - that human connection!

A Strong Narrative Arc

Weaving together those visuals, soundbites, people, and moments into a compelling narrative which accomplishes your goals is key - content needs to be engaging and cut through the marketing noise!

Some More Examples

Have a look at a few more Event Videos that we've made!

Glowtastic Event Video

The Glowtatic Event Videography Video showcases the awesome Glowtastic service you can book in for your school from Australian Fundraising! Featuring interviews, event footage, and creative videography, and filmed in a few hours.

CPL Picnic In The Park

The CPL Picnic in the Park Event Video is a fun look at CPL's Picnic in the Park event held regularly in Brisbane. We weaved together interviews and event footage to show off event highlights, what's on offer, and what you can expect to see next time! Used to attract viewers to the next year's event and to display this year's.

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