Drone Shooting Services

So you want to do some Drone Videography! It can be awesome to see your workplace in a video, a mini-movie about your best customer experience. Well, give us a call, we're more than happy to chat about Drone Shooting Services, or read on below (and then call us).

A bird's eye view can add some fantastic energy to your video - and energy engages people.

Up, Up, And Away:

Custom Drone Shooting Services On Location


When a ladder just won't do the trick, we'll be there to get it on one of our handy drone cameras for you (assuming it's not at the airport!).

Whether it's your premises, a real estate or business brokerage listing, an event, landscape, farm, city or suburb, or maybe even a hot air balloon - we'll be there to film from the sky! If you have an business with a high enough ceiling, we can (and very, very often do) film from the ceiling to get a dynamic overarching shot of your work floor, warehouse or otherwise. Whatever you need - we'll shoot it.


Our drones give great haircuts, but that's not what we use them for - when we come to your business to shoot, we like to make sure our impact is minimized. Our crew is light and agile, and we're used to getting about our business without getting in the way of your workday. The drones do make a little bit of noise, but generally we can get what we need fairly quickly.

When we come to your business to shoot, we like to make sure our impact is minimized. There's often only two or three of us. We're used to getting about our business without getting in the way of your business.

Watch Our Drone Videography Services Video!

Navigating Drone Videography with Us

Curious about our drone shooting services once you're on board? Here's the rundown.


Elevating Your Vision

First up, we dive into your objectives to outline the perfect aerial shot list. This means pinpointing the key features of your site, identifying the best times for that golden light, and coordinating to capture the essence of your location. Our prep is thorough, ensuring we're all set to capture your project from the skies.

Gear Up and Take Off

On the day, we arrive armed with the latest drone tech, ready to elevate our perspective. After a quick setup and safety check, our drones soar, capturing your project with precision and flair. From wide-angle beauty shots to detailed close-ups, we cover it all from angles only the birds usually see.

Sky-High Deliverables

Most clients look to us for a polished final video, and we're ready to deliver. From editing to color grading, we ensure the aerial footage we provide with our Drone Shooting Services is ready to impress. You'll get exactly what you need, with full rights, whether it's edited pieces or the raw footage.


We Can Even Fly Indoors To Get A Bird's Eye View!

A Glimpse Into Aerial Artistry


There's something special about sending our drones up and getting those amazing shots from above. It's a bit like having superpowers – seeing things from a perspective most people don't get to. We get a kick out of it every time, bringing a bit of that wow factor to your story. It’s more than just a day’s work for us; it's about getting those eye-catching views that make everyone look twice.

Our drones have been everywhere, from quiet country fields to the middle of the action, capturing all kinds of cool scenes. Every flight is a new chance to create something awesome.

Capturing the Skyline.

In our drone shoots, comprehensive coverage is key – we aim to capture every aspect of your project from the sky. It's all about gathering enough aerial footage to ensure your story is told in full, vibrant detail. No repetitive scenes here; we strive for a rich tapestry of views that keeps your audience hooked.

From sweeping panoramas to intimate close-ups, we maneuver our drones to catch every angle, offering you a treasure trove of visuals. This approach means your narrative has depth, variety, and that extra flair to engage and retain interest.


Elevating the View.

Variety isn't just nice to have; it's essential for captivating content. Our drones do more than just hover; they bring movement, life, and perspective to your videos. We mix dynamic aerial sweeps with steady, detailed shots, crafting a visual experience that’s always engaging.

By weaving together motion-filled sequences and providing fresh viewpoints from above, we ensure your video stands out. It's not just about adding energy; it's about enriching your message with a visual dynamism that draws viewers in and keeps them watching.

Some Drone Shooting Service Ideas For You...

Industrial and Agricultural

Zoom in on your operations from a whole new angle. We specialize in aerial surveys that bring clarity and depth to the scope of your industrial and agricultural projects. See the full extent of your fields and the operational intricacies of your sites as never before.

Drone footage provides a detailed, comprehensive view that highlights the efficiency, innovation, and scale of your efforts. Plus, birds love to dive bomb our drones and if you ask us about them you'll hear some funny stories.

Event Coverage from above

See your events like never before, from way up high. Our drones bring a whole new angle to capturing what goes on, from big parties, conferences or outdoor gatherings including sports events. Every moment, from the  layout of your venue to the interactions of attendees, is presented with clarity and vibrancy.

It's about energy and scale - drawing in the viewer with a perspective they can't get themselves and seeing just how much is going on!


Marketing and Promotional Content

Boost your marketing with engaging drone footage that puts your brand front and center. We'll help you stand out from traditional promos by taking to the skies.
Whether it’s your latest product, a standout service, or the undeniable allure of your location, our drones capture it all in a way that’s downright interesting. Thanks to years of Sony Playstation, we're adept at piloting and delivering those super fun shots that not only look incredible but also hammer home what you’re all about. Ready to see your story from a whole new angle?

Aerial Property Tours

Showcase properties from a perspective that grabs attention—straight from the sky. From the comfort of their screens, viewers can explore every angle, understanding the layout and features in a way photos alone can’t match.

This is about bringing a new dimension to property tours, where every flight over your listing highlights its potential and charm. No corner goes unseen, no feature unnoticed. Elevate your property's appeal and watch interest take off. Ready to change the way you present properties? Let’s make your listings the talk of the town.


Let's Take to the Skies!

We push for aerial shots that highlight your business and its people at work. There’s real value in showing things as they are from above—people get a clearer, unfiltered view of your operations. Drone videos offer a straightforward look into the heart of your business, making it easier for your audience to see and appreciate the real work you do.


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