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Company Introduction Videos are your professional showpiece, to answer the viewer's internal questions of 'who is this to me?' and 'why should I care about you?' Top Draft Media is here to help lay the groundwork for a solid first impression.

Your Company Introduction Video should sum up the spirit of your business as a champion to your target market.


Our Company Introduction Videos...

...are a way for you to show the client you're the solution they're looking for! In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, your business needs to stand out; it needs to stick in the minds of your viewers as a genuine provider of quality goods or services.

What do you stand for? How can you make your audience's life better? Why should they choose you over the competition? Who are you and what are you like to work with?

Let's show them – with relevance and a touch of the human element that makes your business unique. Through a blend of visuals, interviews, and strategic messaging, we'll make sure that your introduction video captures attention and converts viewers into enquiries - that then convert into customers.

You have an awesome story that will convert your audience waiting in the aether that can be plucked out and spun into a video! Read on to find out more, or send us an enquiry now.


Introducing...YOUR COMPANY!

Break the ice and make a great impression in your Company Introduction Video.

An Example Company Introduction Video


Every business has a unique flavour and selling points, and we're here to make yours shine in a video! Your viewer has a reason they've come to you platform of choice, and it's up to us to show them you can address that reason the way they want you to.

It's also our chance to set expectations - what's it like to work with you? What's the process? How do you custom tailor a solution for their needs, and how do you deliver on your promises? What are the benefits they can enjoy when they have your solution in place? Making the client journey smoother and maximizing their understanding goes a long way towards repeat business, upsells, and referrals.


No two businesses are the same, which is why our approach is always customized. Whether you have a clear vision or need guidance on where to start, we're here to provide the expertise and resources needed to bring your vision to life. Our team is adept at identifying and highlighting the aspects of your business that will engage your audience.

If you'd like to guide the creation of your video along the process, or just leave it to us, we can work with you to bring this thing to life or take care of everything for you depending on your needs. Your business introduction video is a collaboration, and we're dedicated to making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you.

Why Choose a Business Introduction Video?

The benefits can vary but will usually include...

Company Introduction Videos 3

Standing Out

A Company Introduction Video done correctly is a great way to stand out from your competition. If it's made with care and consideration, it will seem genuine and cut through the marketing noise. We also like to insert some social proof, too.

Rapport and an Easier Sales Process

Your audience will have already seen a super tight presentation on why you're good that positions you in their minds. They will have already seen a bit of your process and outcomes, and heard from your satisfied clients. This leads to a smoother process with them.

Increased Enquiries

Because you've stood out and informed your audience while positioning yourself as a solution in their minds, and built trust and value with your company introduction video, the call to action that comes at the end will encourage them to enquire. Company Introduction Videos always increase enquiries!

Company Introduction Videos 4

Time for a Company Introduction Video?

Your Company Introduction Video is an investment in your brand's future! As long as you have traffic going to your website, when you put your video up, more of that traffic will be converted into enquiries. So all of your marketing campaigns, ads, and other sources of traffic are now multiplied!

Your video is like a salesman that never needs to sleep or be paid - it just keeps going and going, turning visitors into clients!

Click 'BOOK US IN' and let's start this exciting journey together. Let's create a video that reflects the quality and passion behind your brand. Your business deserves to be seen and heard, and we're here to make sure it happens.

Want To Know More?

What Makes A Company Overview Video?

We'll Want To Incorporate The Following...

Genuine Identity

It all starts with who you are, your brand, your values, your passion and your message. We focus on what drives your business and team, the passion behind everything, and the people who make it all happen. Your story is unique; let's tell it in a way that's genuine.

Your Real Clients

There's nothing like social proof - why sing your own praises when it's so much better if we get a real person to do it organically! We'll interview your happy clients and use a snippet of this for your video - while you can use an edited version of the interview as a stand alone testimonial.

Diagnosis, Process & Resolution

How do you custom tailor a solution to your client's requirements? What can you tell your viewers about the process they'll experience? What about the results they'll enjoy? Setting expectations seats you more firmly in their minds and smooths the journey out.

Engagement Through Variety

We craft content that engages and retains viewer attention. Through a mix of interviews, testimonials, and dynamic footage, we'll create a compelling narrative for you that showcases your business's value and keeps the viewer watching.

A Strong Call to Action

Every great story has a purpose. We'll conclude your video with a clear, compelling call to action, guiding your audience on what to do next. Whether it's visiting your website, making a call, or scheduling a consultation, we make the next step irresistible.

Some More Examples

Have a look at a few more Business Introduction Videos that we've made!

NRG Networking Group

This video spotlights 'NRG', a networking group aimed at building long-term referral partnerships through weekly expert-led meetings. Our videography captures member testimonials, showcasing the value and strategic connections NRG fosters.

Fitility Program

An introduction to the Fitility program highlighting the transformative impact of enhancing fertility. It tells the story of the founder's personal journey from losing baby weight to unexpectedly improving her fertility. Featuring success stories and expert insights!

Invigor8 Accounting

Our video introduces Invigor8, a team of proactive and creative accountants, through the lens of diverse client testimonials. Featuring insights from the director on how they can assist your business. It outlines their comprehensive services, demonstrating our ability to capture the multifaceted value Invigor8 brings to its clients.

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