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Video Types

One of the many types of videos available for your business is the Overview or 'Business Introduction Video', where we introduce your business to the viewer in an engaging way. Let's have a look!

First impressions matter, and if good can save a lot of time. Let's save you some now!


Your Business Introduction Video...

...needs to cut straight to the point! In 1-2 minutes, we introduce your business to the viewer - and tell them what you should mean to them.

Your viewer's time is valuable, and they want to know why they should care about you and what you can do for them!

Let's answer these questions for the viewer through an engaging video story:

Will you do a good job? Have you done good jobs before? What do your good jobs look like? Are you friendly and responsive? Will you change their life for the better?

While we answer those questions in their mind, (with a big old 'yes') we make them feel good about working with you, then tell them to take an action we would like, for example, to click the button below! If you like, read on below for more.

Business Introduction Video 2

See A Business Introduction Video in Action!

From Conception to Writing, Shooting, Editing and Delivery.

An Example Business Introduction Video


No matter your business, we know how to shoot your premises, work and team to make sure you come across great on camera. We know how to structure a message, voiceover or interview to communicate your message clearly and effectively. As the global culture changes every year we keep up with what works and what doesn't.

We'll guide you through everything necessary (usually not much) to get ready for filming, and let you know exactly what we'll be shooting to make your video awesome.


Depending on your availability, we can work in depth with you to plan it all out, or just learn as much as we can within your availability then you can leave it to us. We can check in and get approval at key milestones as much as you wish, scaling this up and down with your availability. There's a rhythm and pacing to effective marketing that we've got nailed down.

We've got the expertise for a solid plan to get things done for you, and can hit the marks to get your message across effectively. We'll come up with a messaging and shot list to make an engaging video for you, and we'll guide you through how your video will look. Your expectations will be set and you'll understand exactly what's going to happen.

What Happens If You Get One?

A well crafted, Top Draft Media Business Introduction Video will produce the following effects:

Business Introduction Video 3

Boosted Conversions

A Business Overview Video is generally a tight little presentation on why you're great, breaks the ice and gives the viewer a bit of social proof. With a proper call to action, it turns traffic into enquiries!

An Easier Sales Process

We mentioned that Business Overview Videos break the ice - and they do it well. They're a great conversation piece ("Oh, I saw you in that video on your website!") and set expectations for your clients.

Professional Image / Brand Building

What a great way to set the tone and vibe you're looking to keep through your client experiences. Imagine if your sales had the aid of music and professional eye candy throughout! Maybe something to think about.

Business Introduction Video 4

The Business Introduction Video Upgrade!

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and they say a video tells a million. Well, we say that. But it's true - and we make sure all of those words support your message, brand, and what your clients need to hear to hit that little button that says 'BOOK US IN'.

You might choose not have a rocket ship on your buttons, but your video will certainly take you to new heights.

Want To Know More?

What Makes A Business Introduction Video?

We'll Want To Incorporate The Following...

The Difference You Make

Let's show the difference you make to your client's lives once they've gone through your process! From the small to the big, it's a great way to demonstrate just why to choose you.

Your Advantages And Strengths

Let's say how much better you are than your competitors without bringing them up. We focus on the positive and eliminate the, well, we don't really talk about it.

Your Unique Flavour

Let's inject some flavor! Every business has a culture and a feel, we'll capture yours. Because it's charming to show the real.

Your Client Successes

There's nothing like social proof in marketing. When you can see it in a video, when you can hear it from someone's lips, and it's real, it's gold.

A Call To Action

Let's capitalize on all that hard work by telling the audience to take an action. Or maybe they're already taking it and you just want to back that up. It's up to you.

Some More Examples

Have a look at a few more Business Introduction Videos that we've made!

NRG Networking Group

This video spotlights 'NRG', a networking group aimed at building long-term referral partnerships through weekly expert-led meetings. Our videography captures member testimonials, showcasing the value and strategic connections NRG fosters.

Fitility Program

An introduction to the Fitility program highlighting the transformative impact of enhancing fertility. It tells the story of the founder's personal journey from losing baby weight to unexpectedly improving her fertility. Featuring success stories and expert insights!

Invigor8 Accounting

Our video introduces Invigor8, a team of proactive and creative accountants, through the lens of diverse client testimonials. Featuring insights from the director on how they can assist your business. It outlines their comprehensive services, demonstrating our ability to capture the multifaceted value Invigor8 brings to its clients.

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