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Your operations have an Agriculture Video Production story waiting to be told that sums up why people should care about you! Highlight your farming operations, the efforts and measures you're putting in, and the passion fueling your agribusiness. We're here to tell your story in an engaging way!

What are you doing right? What do you do best? What's your difference? Let's tell the world about it.


Your Agricultural Video Production..

...Is not just about filming some corn or a cow. They're about telling the story of what you put in so your clients can take a great product out. What practices are you working with, what measures are you putting into place, and what's the organic human side too?

Whether it's highlighting your sustainable farming practices, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the harvest, or sharing the journey from seedling to supermarket, these videos are an invitation for clients to see what makes you different or for viewers to connect with the origins of their food.

Here’s what viewers will see, feel, and learn:

  • How do you nurture your crops and livestock?
  • What practices set you apart?
  • How does your dedication translate into quality produce?
  • Are you at the forefront of agricultural innovation?
  • How can viewers be a part of your journey towards agri-excellence?

While we visually narrate what you're all about and your dedication to the end-product, viewers will grasp and connect with your mission and differences. Whether you want a quick showpiece about your business as a whole or a piece on your different offerings and any important-to-show practices like sustainability, we can encourage them to explore further into your agricultural universe. Continue scrolling to reveal more about our approach!

Agriculture Video Production 2

Witness the Growth: An Agriculture Video Showpiece!

From Initial Planning to the Final Harvest.

An Example Agriculture Video


Agriculture is a story of hard work, dedication, and the cycle of life itself. At Top Draft Media, we explore the story of your agricultural process, capturing everything from why you do it to the intricate details of the difference your practices make. Our team specializes in showcasing the beauty and technical expertise behind modern farming techniques, ensuring your operations look great on screen.

We guide you through the minimal preparations required for a seamless shoot, respecting the timetable of your operations while capturing its best moments.


People love hearing about where their food comes from - most people live in the cities, after all, and your agri-business is a fresh thing for their eyes to see. Also, people love food. So when we plan out how to show them what you're all about, you can be as involved as you want.

Whether you have time to be closely involved in every step or prefer to entrust us with the creative direction, we're flexible. Either way, you'll receive a narrative that honours your process and story. Your audience will gain an engaging understanding of your dedication and be more connected with your brand!

What Happens If You Get An Agriculture Video?

A Top Draft Media Agriculture Video brings the following advantages to your farm or agricultural business:

Agriculture Video Production 3

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Top Draft Media Agriculture Videos have a number one priority of connecting you with your audience and showing them something that's memorable, human and sets you apart. By visually sharing your commitment to quality and your practices, your identity is better formed in their minds. This not only boosts your brand's visibility but also makes you more memorable.

Educational Impact

Our videos can also be an engaging educational bridge, connecting consumers to the source of their food. By illustrating the intricacies of farming practices and your efforts, we foster appreciation and understanding, which can translate into increased consumer trust and loyalty.

Market Differentiation

In a competitive market, it's vital to stand out. Our agriculture videos highlight what makes your operation unique, whether it's innovative farming techniques, a commitment to organic practices, or the sheer quality of your produce. This differentiation can be a decisive factor in a consumer's choice.

Agriculture Video Production 4

Get An Agricultural Video You'll Love!

They say the soil is the soul of your farm, and we believe (apart from meeting you in person) a video should be the soul of your story. At Top Draft Media, we craft agricultural videos that do more than showcase; they let your audience connect with you. Every scene, is an opportunity to share another piece of a pie your audience will love to eat - in some cases literally.

Together we'll craft a video that will grow your brand just a little bit more. It's time to let your efforts be recognized.


Want To Know More?

What Goes Into An Agriculture Video?

Here are the essentials...

The Cycle of the Farm

You have a way you do things, and a system set up to make sure they're done right. We'll capture the essence of your systems and the cycles that drive them.

Nice Outdoor Shooting

Sunny days are key - and the closer to sunrise and sunset, the better things will look. We crack out the drone, rock up early and get to filming your team and your farm in action. The midday period is for interviews and indoor shooting.

The Human Touch

Behind every farm is a team, a family and a little community. We share your stories, dedication, and passion for agriculture. People love it!

Innovation in Action

Showcasing the technology and techniques that make your farm efficient and work for your clients' needs is key. Let's highlight your innovation.

A Call to the Viewer

End with a message that calls for action or support, whether it's an invitation to visit, to learn more, or to join in your sustainability efforts.

Some More Examples

Have a look at a few more Agriculture Video Productions that we've made!

Cudgen Road Farms

Quickly uncover how Cudgen Road Farms boosts sweet potato yield and environmental health: utilizing a 2-year rotation with sorghum to trap carbon and enrich soil. This video reveals their secret – turning plant waste into microbial food, fostering strong, healthy crops in harmony with Earth.

Multikraft Super Farm

Discover Multikraft Supr Farm, where 'SUPR' stands for sustainable & their production system with organically certified probiotics. Their carbon offset strategy includes producing fermented compost and applying liquid probiotics for richer soil, advancing climate-friendly initiatives.

Ironpot Wild Dog Trapping Syndicate

This Australian Government video highlights a unique solution for Wild Dog Trapping in Ironpot, weaving interviews with local B-Roll and showcasing success in ecological management.

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