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Elevate Your Brand, Transform and Ignite Your Online Presence!

We found that over time this was the best budget option to make a great value video pack for businesses.


A Video Package Set to Impress


The 6 Video Ignition Pack is designed to refresh your brand's online presence and kickstart your video marketing. It blends an engaging Business Introduction Video with three targetted Lead Generation Videos and two real client Testimonial Videos. This mix helps draw in viewers, answer their key questions, and build trust right from the start.

The introduction video lays out what you're all about, making a solid first impression on your homepage. The lead generation videos are short and designed to catch the eye on social media, leading viewers straight to your site. And the testimonial videos let your satisfied customers do the talking, showing off the real impact of your work.

This package is all about giving your brand a comprehensive video setup that works hard for you. It’s straightforward: better videos lead to more interest and trust, paving the way for improved enquiry rates and a smoother sales process. Let's get your brand the attention it deserves.


  • Location Shooting with crew & all gear
  • Editing with two sets of tweaks
  • Animated Titles + Transitions
  • Licensed (Stock) Music, Photos & Videos
  • Location Shooting with crew & all gear
  • Editing with two sets of tweaks
  • Animated Titles + Transitions
  • Licensed (Stock) Music, Photos & Videos
  • Production Meetings
  • Scriptwriting
  • Professional Delivery
  • Post Delivery Advice
  • Production Meetings
  • Scriptwriting
  • Professional Delivery
  • Post Delivery Advice


Kick off with a Business Introduction Video that acts as your digital handshake. This video is your chance to answer the big questions upfront: "What can you do for me?" and "Do you deliver?" Positioned on your front page, it's crafted to engage visitors immediately, providing a compelling overview of your brand and setting a professional tone for their journey on your site.

Solidify your credibility with two Testimonial Videos, featuring real stories from satisfied customers. These videos are powerful tools for building trust, showcasing your success, and validating your expertise. By sharing positive experiences, you not only affirm the value of your offerings but also influence potential customers' decision-making processes with social proof.

Amplify your reach with three short 15-second Lead Generation Videos, each designed to hook your audience on social media and guide them to your now video-optimized website. These videos are the bait that draws viewers into exploring what you offer, increasing traffic and boosting your enquiry rates through engaging, targeted content.

How Do We Do It?


This carefully planned day results in a suite of videos that will enhance your digital presence, help you stand out on social media, and ultimately, boost those all-important numbers. It's all about making your brand more visible and engaging to your target audience.


When you choose the 6 Video Ignition Pack, we kick things off by really getting to know you and your business.
We start with a chat, either face-to-face or online, to dive deep into what makes your business tick, your goals, and how you envision using video to connect with your audience.


After we've got a good grasp of your business and objectives, we start crafting a killer script. This script is the backbone of your videos, designed to engage your audience and answer their burning questions like "What can you do for me?" and "Are you the right choice?". We craft alternate takes and lines that can be used for your lead generation videos.


Then comes the shoot day – a single, well-organized day of filming. We recommend getting two of your happiest clients involved for testimonials, adding authenticity and trust to your brand story. We'll bring all the necessary gear to capture everything from interviews to dynamic B-roll, ensuring we have a rich library of footage to work with. Then we'll edit and deliver!

there is power in video. let's use it.

We Would Love To Help Achieve Your Will With Video.

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and even a short video tells a million. Well, we say that. But it's true - and we make sure all of those million words support your message, brand, and what your clients need to hear to hit that little button that says 'BOOK US IN'.

You might choose not have a rocket ship on your buttons, but your videos will certainly take you to new heights.

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