Why Choose Top Draft Media?

Top Draft Media specialise in cutting to the core of what makes you great and presenting you in an authentic way that cuts (again) through the noise of



We Listen To You And Care About You

We have a strong company culture at Top Draft Group of respecting our staff and clients. We also love being proud of ourselves and our work - and a massive part of that is making sure we take care of our clients as best as we can, to our full ability.

We don't just go through the motions - we love learning your story and about your business and culture and take time to come in and meet you face to face to truly understand what you need and want from us - and how you want to be represented in your video and on camera. We make many, many notes and use these to refine your project along the way.

In addition, we try our absolute best to guide you by the hand through what needs to be done to achieve your marketing goals using our deep knowledge base as business owners and marketers. We build strong client relationships based on trust, and value honesty and integrity. If we can't do something - we'll tell you, and we'll tell you why.


Expertise Meets Approachability

Our team is comprised of industry veterans who are not only experts in their fields but are also incredibly approachable and dedicated to making your experience with us as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

We have the experience and knowledge to save you a lot of time by reccomending what works and discarding the rest, as well as a war chest of tried-and-true ideas that have succeeded for our clients and can be quickly adapted to your culture and business.

From Director and Founder Joanne Trentini’s heritage in media and industrial businesses that to Nik Brown’s history of running video production houses and Paris Corbett’s background for transforming scripts into stunning visual narratives, we bring a depth of knowledge and a personal touch to every project. We're here to demystify the process and show you how fun and easy it can be if done the Top Draft Media way.


A Few Points Of Difference.

Read on to find a few key points that make Top Draft Media different from the standard production company.

We Start Backwards

Rather than just 'making a video', we listen intently to your needs and make sure to start backwards from your goals, intentions, and desired outcomes to make sure you get a video that produces those outcomes. It's all about planning, forethought, and thinking about what you want and need.

We Keep It Genuine

In 2024, the world is full of marketing noise. We help you cut through that noise barrier by making sure your content sounds genuine, real, and true. Clever messaging and a natural interview style make sure your marketing's tone is pitch perfect for the modern consumer.

Client-Centric Content

Your clients want to feel connected to your brand and want to know what to expect. We'll focus on what they're looking for, the words they use, and what grabs their attention. We'll shape your content to grab their attention from the get-go, using real stories and testimonials to build trust and show why they should pick you.

Modular Content Approach

Modular Content is one of our mottos and it means you get more bang for your buck. An hour-long interview? Slice it into 20 weekly snippets. Your 2-minute video can make a few quick 15 and 30-second cuts for social media. When we plan out a shoot for you, we aim to get multi-purpose content.



Change The Video Marketing Landscape

Our mission is to change the video marketing landscape, plain and simple.

To fight back against the noise and continually set new standards for what business video production should be - a way to show a business's strengths authentically and connect with your audience, while also bringing to the table some unique shooting and editing methods that build a library for our clients that can be drawn upon to make all the content you need.

We think we have a smart, efficient way of planning out shoots and edits that makes the most of your time and budget. But above all, we want to show off how good we are in the process.

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